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Starter for Kubota Excavator Utility Compact Tractor Diesel

Starter for Kubota Excavator Utility Compact Tractor Diesel

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  • Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
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SND0343, 018430, 111197, 17123-63013, STR70208
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Product Description

DB Electrical Starters
DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.

With DB Electrical starters, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket starters deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket starters are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our starters go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next starter:

  • Fast engine starts – High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
  • Seals out residue – Sealed housings and bearings keep the internal workings cleaner and drier.
  • Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  • Long-term reliability – Quality brushes and bushings for a long service life and better efficiency.
  • Brand new starter – Never settle for a secondhand refurbished one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your starter meets your expectations.

Item Number: 18411

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3R3AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3R4AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3R4AAllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3S3AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3S4AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX121-3S4AAllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX161-3R1AllKubota V2203EBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX161-3R2AllKubota V2203EBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX161-3S1AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavators - MiniKX161-3S2AllKubota V2203MEBH 42.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL3430HSTCAllKubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL4330HSTCAllKubota V2203MAE 43.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL47402007Kubota V2403-M-E2 49HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL47402008Kubota V2403-M-E2 49HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL1996Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL1997Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL1998Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL1999Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2000Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2001Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2002Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2003Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2004Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2005Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2006Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2007Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2008Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TL2009Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB1996Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB1997Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB1998Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB1999Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2000Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2001Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2002Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2003Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2004Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2005Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2006Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2007Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2008Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL48TLB2009Kubota V2403 48HP Diesel
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5030GST-FAllKubota V2403MAE 52.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5030GST-RAllKubota V2403MAE 52.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5030HSTCAllKubota V2403MAE 52.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5030HST-FAllKubota V2403MAE 52.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5030HST-RAllKubota V2403MAE 52.2HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5040GST2007Kubota V2403-M-E2 52HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5040GST2008Kubota V2403-M-E2 52HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL52402007Kubota V2403-M-TE2 54HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL52402008Kubota V2403-M-TE2 54HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL57402007Kubota V2403MTE2 59HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL57402008Kubota V2403MTE2 59HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5740HST2007Kubota V2403MTE2 59HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - CompactL5740HST2008Kubota V2403MTE2 59HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityM59AllKubota V2403-M-TE2-HST2 59HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX4700DTAllKubota V2403E3MX2 Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX4700FAllKubota V2403E3MX2 Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000DT2002Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000DT2003Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000DT2004Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000DT2005Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000F2002Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000F2003Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000F2004Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl
KUBOTATractors - UtilityMX5000F2005Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeStarter
Starter TypeOSGR
BriefKUBOTA F2803 1994

Replaces these part numbers:
ARROWHEAD (OEM)ND228000-4593, ND9722809-459
DENSO REMAN9722809-459
DENSO228000-4590, 228000-4591, 228000-4592, 228000-4593
J & N410-52295
KUBOTA17123-63013, 17123-63016

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