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Starter Kit Kawasaki For Honda M/C Kz1000 Kz1100 Cbr1000 & Others

Starter Kit Kawasaki For Honda M/C Kz1000 Kz1100 Cbr1000 & Others

Item #: SMU9101
Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
  • 100% New aftermarket unit built to meet OEM specifications
  • 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase
  • Factory direct pricing with no middleman markup delivers exceptional value
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Restore Starter Performance
DB Electrical Starter Repair Kits, sometimes referred to as starter rebuild kits, offer an economical way to refurbish a starter so that it works like new again. It’s often possible to replace the wear parts and save money as opposed to replacing the entire starter. Our kits contain all the necessary parts such as bushings, bearings, seals, gaskets and brushes needed to rebuild the starter. A brush holder will also be included in the kit if that is necessary for your particular starter.

OEM Quality Components
The kit provides OEM quality components that match the original for both fit and function. Doing a starter rebuild also provides an opportunity to clean the starter. The combination of cleaning the starter and replacing the wear parts often restores the starter to its original performance.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your starter repair kit meets your expectations.

Item Number: SMU9101

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypePart
BriefHonda ATV / MC
Used on
1987-86 ATC125M 124cc
1987 ATC250SX 246cc
1988-87 TRX125 Fourtrax 124cc
1988-86 TRX200SX 199cc
1987-86 TRX350 350cc
1989-87 TRX350D 350cc
1983 CB550SC Nighthawk 544cc
1985-83 CB650SC Nighthawk 627cc
1991-87 CBR1000F Hurricane 998cc
1987-86 CMX450C Rebel
,1983 CX650T Turbo 673cc
1983-82 FT500 Ascot 497cc
1985-84 VF500 CV30 Magna 498cc
1986-84 VF500F Interceptor 498cc
1986-83 VT500C Shadow 491cc
1984-83 VT500FT Ascot 491cc
1987-83 VT700C Shadow 694cc
1994-85 VT1100C Shadow 1099cc
1990-89 XL600V 583cc
1988-85 CH250 Elite 250cc
1987-86 CN250 Helix 250cc
1985-80 KZ550 GPZ 550cc
1983 KZ550 LTD Shaft M1 550cc
1984-83 KZ550 Spectre F1-F2 550cc
1983-80 KZ550 Standard A1-A4 550cc
1982-81 KZ1000 J1-J2 1000cc
1982-81 KZ1000 CSR M1-M2 1000cc
1981 KZ1000 LTD K1 1000cc
2005 KZ1000 Police P24 1000cc
2002-90 KZ1000 Police P9-P21 1000cc
1985-82 KZ1000 Police P1-P4 1000cc
1983-82 KZ1000 Replica R1-R2 1000cc
1983 KZ1100 LTD Shaft L1 1100cc
1983-81 KZ1100 Shaft A1-A3 1100cc
1983-82 KZ1100 Spectre D1-D2 1100cc
1985 VN700 Vulcan A1 700cc
1998-85 VN750 Vulcan A2-A14 749cc
1988-86 ZG1000 Concours 1000cc
1987-86 ZL600 A1-A2 599cc
1997-96 ZL600 Eliminator 592cc
1987 ZL1000 Eliminator A1 1000cc
1985-84 ZN1100 LTD Shaft 1100cc
1985-84 ZX550 A1-A2 550cc
1989-85 ZX600 Ninja 600R 599cc
1987-86 ZX1000 Ninja 1000R 1000cc
1984-83 ZX1100 GPZ A1-A2 1100cc
1996-89 JF650TS B1-B8 650cc
1995-86 JF650X2 A1-A10 650cc
1997-95 JH750 750ZXI C1-C3 743cc
1997-92 JH750 750SS 743cc
1997-93 JH750 Super Sport XI 743cc
1999-98 JH750Xi Sport G1-G2 743cc
1994 JH750XIR D1 743cc
1997-95 JH900 900ZXI A1-A3 891cc
2003-96 JH1100 1100Zxi 1071cc
2004-01 JH1100 Ultra 130DI 1071cc
1995-91 JL650SC A1-A5 650cc
1993-87 JS650 650SX 650cc
2002-98 JS750 750SXI Pro 743cc
1996-95 JS750 750SXI B1-B2 743cc
1995-92 JS750 750SX A1-A4 743cc
2012-03 JS800 SX-R A1-ACF 781cc
1998 JT750 750STX C1 743cc
1995-94 JT750ST A1-A2 743cc
1997-95 JT750STS B1-B3 743cc
2002-01 JT900 900STS B3-B4 891cc
2006-04 JT900 900STX E1-E6 891cc
2003 JT900 900STX D1 891cc
2002-01 JT900 900STX C1-C2 891cc
2000-99 JT900 900STX B1-B2 891cc
1998-97 JT900 900STX A1-A2 891cc
2003 JT1100 1100STXDI 1071cc
2002-01 JT1100 1100STXDI 1071cc
2000 JT1100 1100STXDI 1071cc
1999-98 JT1100 1100STX 1071cc
1997 JT1100 1100STX A1 1071cc
1985 GV700GL Madura 700cc
1986-85 GV1200GL Madura 1165cc
1988-86 GV1400GD Cavalcade 1360cc

Applications List

Select Make & Type
HONDAMotorcyclesCB550SC Nighthawk1983544cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCB650SC Nighthawk1983627cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCB650SC Nighthawk1984627cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCB650SC Nighthawk1985627cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1987998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1988998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1989998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1990998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1991998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCBR1000F Hurricane1992998cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCMX450C Rebel1986447cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCMX450C Rebel1987447cc
HONDAMotorcyclesCX650T Turbo1983673cc
HONDAMotorcyclesFT500 Ascot1982497cc
HONDAMotorcyclesFT500 Ascot1983497cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVF500C V30 Magna1984498cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVF500C V30 Magna1985498cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVF500F Interceptor1984498cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVF500F Interceptor1985498cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVF500F Interceptor1986498cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19851099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19861099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19871099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19881099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19891099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19901099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19911099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19921099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19931099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19941099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500C Shadow1983491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500C Shadow1984491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500C Shadow1985491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500C Shadow1986491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500FT Ascot1983491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT500FT Ascot1984491cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1984694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1985694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1986694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1987694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT750C Shadow1983749cc
HONDAMotorcyclesXL600V Transalp1989583cc
HONDAMotorcyclesXL600V Transalp1990583cc
HONDAScootersCH250 Elite1985244cc
HONDAScootersCH250 Elite1986244cc
HONDAScootersCH250 Elite1987244cc
HONDAScootersCH250 Elite1988244cc
HONDAScootersCN250 Helix / Fusion / Spazio1986244cc
HONDAScootersCN250 Helix / Fusion / Spazio1987244cc
HONDAScootersCN250 Helix / Fusion / Spazio1988244cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 CSR19811000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 CSR19821000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica19821000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica19831000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 LTD19811000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019821000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019831000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019841000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019851000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019901000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019911000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019921000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019931000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019941000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019951000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019961000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019971000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019981000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100019991000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100020001000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100020011000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100020021000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100020031000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1000 Police 100020051000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 LTD Shaft19831100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 Shaft19811100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 Shaft19821100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 Shaft19831100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 Spectre19821100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ1100 Spectre19831100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 GPZ1981550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 GPZ1982550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 GPZ1983550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD1980550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD1981550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD1982550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD1983550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD Shaft1983550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 LTD Shaft1984550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesKZ550 Spectre1983550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN700 LTD1985700cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501985749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501986749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501987749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501988749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501989749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501990749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501991749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501992749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501993749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501994749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501995749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501996749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501997749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesVN750 Vulcan 7501998749cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZG1000 Concours19861000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZG1000 Concours19871000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZG1000 Concours19881000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZG1000 Concours19891000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZL1000 Eliminator19871000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZL1000 Eliminator19881000cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZN1100 LTD Shaft19841100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZN1100 LTD Shaft19851100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1000 Ninja 1000R1986998cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1000 Ninja 1000R1987998cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1000 Ninja 1000R1988998cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1100 GPZ19831100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1100 GPZ19841100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX1100 GPZ19851100cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX550 GPZ1984550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX550 GPZ1985550cc
KAWASAKIMotorcyclesZX550 GPZ1986550cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JB650 Jet Mate1989650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JB650 Jet Mate1990650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JB650 Jet Mate1991650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JB650 Jet Mate1992650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1989650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1990650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1991650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1992650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1993650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1994650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1995650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 TS1996650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21986650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21987650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21988650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21989650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21990650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21991650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21992650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21993650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21994650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JF650 X-21995650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi19961071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi19971071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi19981071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi19991071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi20001071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi20011071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi20021071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 1100 Zxi20031071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 Ultra 130 D.I.20011071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 Ultra 130 D.I.20021071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 Ultra 130 D.I.20031071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH1100 Ultra 130 D.I.20041071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1992743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1993743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1994743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1996743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 SS1997743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 Zxi1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 Zxi1996743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 750 Zxi1997743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Super Sport XI1993743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Super Sport XI1994743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Super Sport XI1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Super Sport XI1996743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Super Sport XI1997743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Xi Sport1998743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 Xi Sport1999743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH750 XiR1994743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH900 900 Zxi1995891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH900 900 Zxi1996891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JH900 900 Zxi1997891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JL650 SC1991650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JL650 SC1992650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JL650 SC1993650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JL650 SC1994650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JL650 SC1995650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1987650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1988650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1989650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1990650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1991650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1992650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS650 650 SX1993650cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SX1992743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SX1993743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SX1994743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SX1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 Sxi1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 Sxi1996743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 Sxi1997743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SXi Pro1998743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SXi Pro1999743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SXi Pro2000743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SXi Pro2001743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS750 750 SXi Pro2002743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2003781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2004781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2005781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2006781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2007781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2008781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2009781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2010781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2011781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JS800 SX-R2012781cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX19971071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX19981071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX19991071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX D.I.20001071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX D.I.20011071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX D.I.20021071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT1100 1100 STX D.I.20031071cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 750 STX1998743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 ST1994743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 ST1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 STS1995743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 STS1996743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT750 STS1997743cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STS2001891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STS2002891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX1997891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX1998891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX1999891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2000891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2001891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2002891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2003891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2004891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2005891cc
KAWASAKIPersonal Watercraft (PWC)JT900 900 STX2006891cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV1200GL Madura19851165cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV1200GL Madura19861165cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV1400GC, -D, -T Cavalcade19861360cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV1400GC, -D, -T Cavalcade19871360cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV1400GC, -D, -T Cavalcade19881360cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV700GL Madura1985700cc
SUZUKIMotorcyclesGV750GL Madura1985750cc

Replaces These Part Numbers

J & N414-54000
J & N (OLD)414-54001
TUCKER ROCKY463963, 495720, 49-5720

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Truck Driving in Mud

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