About DBElectrical

Our Beginning

With beginnings as a starter and alternator rebuild shop in Kingsport, Tennessee, DB Electrical has been in business since 1981. While doing repairs in the early days, the shop also carried some auto parts for local do-it-yourselfers to purchase. Word spread quickly that this was a great place to find quality replacement parts. With the arrival of the internet, the company started selling alternators and starters online. That led to the company becoming the largest internet seller of starters and alternators to individual customers.

Our Purpose

Everyone at DB Electrical works to keep your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, farm tractor or any vehicle operating smoothly. With our starters, alternators, generators and other electrical parts, your vehicle will run as well as it did the first day it took to the road, water, trail or field. We don’t take this mission lightly. Keeping you moving is important work. That’s why you can rely on DB Electrical to supply parts that deliver dependability every time.

Our Depth

DB Electrical strives to be a primary source of aftermarket parts for the electrical component market. The depth of our inventory is significant. We carry parts for many brands in the following categories: alternators, starters, bearings, ATV cooling, backup alarms, batteries, battery insulators, brake pads, CDI module boxes, gauges, generators, ignition coils, hydraulic motors, snow plow motors, solenoids, starter relays, tarp motors, trim motors, voltage regulators, winch motors and gaskets.

Our Legacy and Value

Over a million aftermarket parts have been sold over the history of DB Electrical to consumers in all 50 states. Vehicle owners have come to rely on us as the go-to source for quality replacement parts that last. Our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications, but they are often priced up to 30% less than comparable OEM components. That’s why a growing number of do-it-yourselfers and mechanics choose DB Electrical.

Our Role

You can rely on DB Electrical as your trusted advisor in offering reliable, friendly advice. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about finding the right parts to achieve optimal performance. We’ll be straightforward when a part is your best choice and when it is not. Our quality assurance pledge means we only want to sell you a specific part once, but we want to be your trusted source for another need when the time comes. It’s our pledge to you.

Contact us with any questions at 800-753-2242 or email at sales@dbelectrical.com