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Tilt - Trim Motors

Tilt trim motors smoothly raise and lower your boat engine 

The perfect day boating on the water is dependent on your tilt trim motor. The tilt trim angles your boat engine for optimal performance, ensuring a smooth ride and efficient operation for better fuel economy. The tilt trim is also essential for lifting your marine engine upwards to avoid damage when loading your boat on a trailer.

DB Electrical works with leading factories to build better performance into their tilt trim motors. We select premium quality brushes, bushings and armatures, ensuring flawless performance. These 12-volt direct current, reversing-style motors operate as well or better than the original tilt trim motor that came with your boat. We test our tilt trim motors on a professional test bench to validate excellence in service.

You can rest assured that every tilt trim motor sold meets OEM standards for both quality and fitment. Exceeding your expectations is important to us. Every tilt trim model goes through a rigorous multipoint testing program before being sold to the public. These tilt trim motors are marine grade, meeting SAEJ1171 and ISO8847 standards. Thanks to our factory direct relationship, you’ll typically save up to 30% off retail OEM prices. You simply can’t beat a DB Electrical tilt trim motor for its combined value and performance.


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