7 characteristics of quality tilt trim motors

The tilt trim function may be the last thing on your mind while boating on a sunny day, but the tilt trim will become the center of your attention if it quits working. The tilt trim lets you adjust your boat motor for a smooth and pleasant ride through many different conditions on the water. Without the ability to tilt and trim your motor, you are at the mercy of changing water conditions without being able to react to waves, weeds and shallow depths.

There are several different components in the system, but the tilt trim motor is like the heart of the operation. When you need to replace your tilt trim motor, look for one that will provide flawless performance and a long service life.

7 qualities of the best tilt trim motors:

1) Sturdy housing: The housing protects all the components inside, so it’s important that the housing is durable itself. The housing should be strong and resistant to denting and corrosion.

2) High Powered Magnets: You need strong, securely fastened magnets inside the housing for the tilt trim motor to work effectively. It’s important for the magnets not to loosen and shift around.

3) Precisely Engineered Armature: The armature should be well balanced for smooth rotational motion. If the armature is out of balance, it will be inefficient in transmitting electrical current.

4) High Grade Brushes: Electrical current inevitably wears out the brushes, but higher-grade materials will prolong the service life of brushes.

5) Heat-Resistant Alloys. Being an electrical component, the tilt trim motor is subject to the effects of heat, which can degrade contact points, leads and tabs. The best tilt trim motors use metals that exhibit a higher heat tolerance.

6) Form-Fitting Gasket: The gasket should be flexible and perfectly sized to provide a secure seal to reduce corrosive effects by keeping moisture and humidity out.

7) Marine Grade Certifications: Being used for marine applications, the tilt trim motor should meet SAE J1171 and ISO 8847 certifications.

The selection of a tilt trim motor will have a significant impact on your enjoyment of boating. Choosing a quality tilt trim motor lets you get back on the water without a worry in the world. After all, the best tilt trim motor is one that you don’t think about because it works so perfectly.

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