Ignition Coils

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Ignition coils are the link that transform 12 volt power from the battery into higher voltage for the spark plugs. This higher voltage allows the spark plugs to generate the spark necessary for combustion of gasoline. Ignition coils are key in fast engine starts, better acceleration and efficient fuel usage.

You want to make sure you buy quality ignition coils that can handle the rigors of working within an engine compartment. DB Electrical ignition coils have been finely engineered with premium materials and superior craftsmanship.

You can rest assured that every DB Electrical ignition coil meets OEM standards for both quality and fitment. Exceeding your expectations is important to us. Every line of ignition coil goes through a rigorous multipoint testing program before being sold to the public. Thanks to our factory direct relationship, you’ll typically save up to 30% off retail OEM prices. You simply can’t beat DB Electrical ignition coils for their combined value and performance.


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Getting to know your ignition system better

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