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The Great Debate:
OEM vs Aftermarket Parts

Learn The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

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  • The benefits of reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering is the process that enables companies like DB Electrical to offer replacement parts that fit your make and model of vehicle. Find out what's all involved to make it happen.

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  • How to hire a mechanic to install your part

    Repairing your vehicle isn't simply a choice between dropping it off at the shop or doing it yourself. You can buy the part yourself at a cost savings and then hire a mechanic to install it.

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  • Pros and cons of new versus used parts

    When searching for a replacement part, you'll be faced with a decision to buy used or new. Which really is the better value? Hers's what you'll need to consider to make the best choice.

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  • When good alternators seemingly go bad

    Installing a new alternator that doesn't work is a major frustration. But when that happens it isn't always the fault of the alternator. Find out what else could go wrong.

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  • What's a core charge and should you pay it?

    Here's a plain English explanation of what it means to pay a core charge. Why do some sellers charge it? Why doesn't DB Electrical ever ask customers to pay a core charge?

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  • Buying a discontinued car model. Yes or no?

    The domestic auto makers are dropping most sedan models. Does it make sense to buy one of these vehicles before they are gone? Take a look at the pros and cons before you buy.

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  • The factory-direct advantage

    DB Electrical sells its products on a factory-direct basis. What does that mean, and what are the advantages to you as a consumer? Find out why it's the smart choice for you as a buyer.

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  • 5 signs that your starter could soon quit starting

    A dead starter means your vehicle sits idle, and it could happen anywhere. Before your starter leaves you stranded somewhere, pay attention to these signs of a starter going bad.

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  • 5 warning signs that your alternator could fail

    Many times there are indicators that an alternator is in the twilight of its service life. Learn the signs that indicate your alternator may soon fail. It's best to replace an alternator before total failure.

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