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The Great Debate:
OEM vs Aftermarket Parts

Learn The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

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  • PWC Personal Watercraft
    3 common fixes to keep making waves on your PWC

    Summer is short. The days of warmth and sunshine pass by quickly. If your personal watercraft isn't ready to make waves when you are, it's time for repairs or maintenance. Discover how to make sure your PWC is in prime working condition so that you don't miss a moment of the fun days of crusing down your favorite lake, river or seaside shore.

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  • 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Finding replacement parts for cars they don't make anymore

    Are you reluctant to buy a make or model of car that's been discontinued because you're wondering if you can still get replacement parts? Never fear. Parts are easily accessible for many older cars long after they rolled off the assembly line. These aren't used parts from a salvage yard. You can get brand new parts that fit and perform perfectly.

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  • Lawn tractor
    Getting lawn care equipment ready for a new season

    Before you take your mower or lawn tractor out for the first cut of the season, it's best to give it a thorough inspection. By doing springtime maintenance now, you can get your mower ready for lawn-care duties with less chance of serious breakdowns later. Spring is the best time for fresh starts to carry you through for season-long success.

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  • Muscle car
    Finding electrical components for muscle cars

    Bold and muscular designs. Powerful engines made to make a statement. A commanding feeling of power. These are the things that make muscle cars different from ordinary vehicles. Take a step back in time to celebrate some of the great names of the muscle car era. Plus, find essential electrical components to keep these legends on the road.

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  • Motorcycle mechanic
    7 tips for getting a motorcycle ready for riding

    Keeping your motorcycle road ready means inspecting important components and replacing them when necessary. Staying on top of motorcycle maintenance means your bike will be ready for a trip when the open road calls out to you. Here are the parts that top motorcycle mecahnics say need the most attention.

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  • Selling a used car
    5 important fixes to boost a used car's selling price

    A few repairs and fixes can often boost the sales price of a used car, and there are certain high-profile areas in which you're more likely to get a good return on your investment. Before you hang a "For Sale" sign on your used car, consider what you can do to maximize its value and put more money in your wallet. It could pay off in your favor.

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  • Car alternatorr
    12 steps to prepping your vehicle for an alternator replacement

    Replacing a failing alternator is a project within reach of anyone with moderate mechanical skills. While every replacement differs somewhat based on the make and model of the vehicle, there are some basic steps that apply to most jobs. Following these steps is a good start for anyone attempting their first alternator replacement.

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  • Dirt bike rider
    5 essential parts to keep your dirt bike running

    Nothing worse than being ready for a ride and finding your dirt bike isn't running like it should. That's really a downer for thrill seekers who just want to kick up some gravel. Being on top of maintenance needs for your bike means you're always ready when the urge to ride happens. Here are 5 things you should check on your bike.

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  • Deer on trail at night
    Common night driving hazards you really need to see

    Whether you're working or just having fun, it's important to know what's up ahead when driving at night. Take a moment to consider all of the common hazards you need to avoid in the darkness and equip your vehicles with high-powered LED lights. Better night vision can help you avoid surprises in your pathway.

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  • Key in ignition
    Getting to know your ignition system better

    Without a well-functioning ignition system, you're going to get rough performance or be completely stalled. The first step in diagnosing ignition problems is getting a better understanding of what major system components do. Here's a quick summary that can help you out.

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  • Riding lawn mower
    Tips for choosing outdoor power equipment engine belts

    When it's time to replace a worn or defective engine belt in your riding mower or lawn tractor, are you confronted with a lot of confusing terms? Here are some of the more common terms you need to know to choose the right replacement belt for outdoor power equipment.

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  • Arborist working in tree
    Chainsaw users: Protect yourself and your equipment

    Anyone who uses a chainsaw, from professional arborists to homeowners, should have more than just the basics. Innovative new products help protect your investment in chainsaw equipment and improve worker safety. Find out how to work better with your chainsaw.

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  • Riding mower
    Keep cutting with your riding mower or lawn tractor

    People with large lawns often rely on riding mowers or lawn tractors to keep everything neat and tidy. Keeping your mower or tractor in good working order requires routine maintenance. Check out 8 of the most important things to do to keep your machine working great.

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  • Red car in motion
    5 symptoms of a failing fuel system

    If your engine is not getting the fuel it needs, it's not going to perform very well, or maybe not at all. The delivery of fuel is dependent on a perfectly operating fuel system. Here's what to check to make sure your fuel system is working at peak performance.

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  • ATV in stream
    What to look for when choosing ATV and UTV axles

    When the riding gets rough, nothing takes more punishment that your axles. If it's time to replace worn axles, you'll want to choose ones that can handle tough conditions. Making the right choice means you'll get more miles out of your replacement axles.

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  • Chainsaw
    Transport and store chainsaw chains the easy way

    An ingenious new way to bring your chainsaw chains to jobsites and protect them in storage has just been introduced. Discover the innovative case that holds multiple sizes of chains and eliminates the headache of tangled chains.

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  • Classic Car
    Keeping great automotive nameplates on the road

    You can still find new electrical parts like starters and alternators that will fit discontinued automative makes. Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Plymouth, Mercury, AMC and Saab are repairable thanks to reliable sources of aftermaket electrical components.

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  • ATV in winter
    9 things to do to keep your ATV winter ready

    Winter adventures are calling out to you. Before you hit the trails, however, you should inspect your ATV and complete any necessary maintenance or repairs. Feeling confident about the reliability of your ride will make the adventure all the more enjoyable.

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  • Snow blowing
    5 tips to keep your snowblower going in winter

    Ready or not, the snow will start piling up as winter makes its appearance. An inspection and preventative maintenance can be just what you need to keep your snowblower in working order when you need it most. Check out these tips on good pre-season maintenance.

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  • Close up of alternator
    5 times a 1-wire alternator is a good choice

    One-wire alternators are the ideal choice for certain applications. They offer both ease of installation and enhanced appearance under the hood, but you wouldn't want to use them for every application. Find out when a 1-wire alternator might be a good choice for you.

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  • Construction site
    Sourcing industrial machinery starters and alternators

    When the starter or alternator of construction, road building or logging machinery fails, the work stops. This ultimate guide to electrical parts for industrial machinery connects you to hundreds of replacement components for heavy-duty equipment.

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  • Boating at sunset
    What makes marine starters and alternators different?

    Marine-grade electrical components are made specifically to handle aquatic environments. There are important reasons why you shouldn't substitute land vehicle electrical components for marine ones. Reasons range from service life to safety. Find out why.

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  • Shopping for lawn mowers
    What's the best choice in lawn mowers? Electric or gasoline

    Shopping for a new lawn mower comes with a decision to be made. Should you buy an electric or gas-powered mower? Each type of mower has its pros and cons. You'll want to decide based on your lawn care needs. Find out which type of mower would be best for you.

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  • Working on engine
    7 warning signs that ignition coils are going bad

    Ignition coils provide an important link between your battery and spark plugs. This link makes combustion possible. Failing ignitions coils can cause everything from hard starts to poor fuel economy. Find out when you should consider replacing ignition coils.

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  • Checking voltage
    What does a voltage regulator do in my vehicle?

    Voltage regulators have the most perfectly descriptive name. They control the output of voltage and play an essential role in protecting your vehicle's electrical system. Find out what happens if your voltage regulator isn't working at 100% capacity.

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  • Motorcycle at sunset
    7 savings to fix your Harley Davidson on a budget

    When it's time to buy replacement parts for your Harley, some comparison shopping can add up to big savings. Parts purchased through a dealer often cost double compared to parts from a quality aftermarket seller. That's hard earned cash you can use on your next road trip.

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  • Cars at traffic stop
    How start stop starters benefit you and the earth

    Thousands of cars sit idlling at traffic stops burning fuel and emitting carbon into the atmosphere - not to mention the waste of money car owners pay. There is a solution. Innovative start stop starters cut fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions and save drivers money.

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  • LED lights
    An illuminating look at lighting technology for vehicles

    Technology has made big strides in the quality of lighting for tractors, industrial equipment and off-road vehicles. Find out the pros and cons of using halogen, HID or LED lighting. There is a clear difference in which type of light is best for today's vehicles.

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  • lawn mower
    Choosing the best mower blade for your lawn

    The mower blade you choose will make a difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. The wrong blade choice could actually hurt your lawn. Learn how to choose the blade that will give you the results you want based on the condition of your lawn.

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  • Old tractor
    Finding replacement parts for older tractors

    Older tractors built decades ago are still running as good as new thanks to replacement parts that fit perfectly and perform flawlessly. Whether you want a working tractor or a collectible tractor for festivals and parades, you can get the parts you need.

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  • Alternator
    Why my alternator died so quickly

    When you replace a major mechanical part like an alternator, you expect it to last for awhile, so it's very frustrating when it does not. There are several reasons why an alternator may die before its time. Discover what mechanics often find about short-lived alternators.

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  • Winch
    Important insights for replacing a winch motor

    From loading heavy cargo to pulling a vehicle out of a ditch, a winch can be just the thing to save the day. Like any mechanical component, the winch motor will eventually wear out. When the motor has seen its better days, here's what you need to know to replace it.

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  • Mechanic with checklist
    An eye-opening look at savings with aftermarket parts

    You're probably aware that aftermarket parts cost less than OEM counterparts. But how closely have you looked at the difference? Here's a detailed side-by-side price comparison that shows a definite pattern of significant savings with aftermarket parts.

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  • Car engine work
    Pros and cons of aftermarket and OEM parts

    Your search for a replacement part for your vehicle presents you with a choice: aftermarket or OEM parts. Which do you buy? It's a topic that stirs significant debate among people who fix vehicles. Here's what you should be thinking about when choosing parts for your vehicle.

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  • Winter driving
    5 ways winter's hard on vehicle electrical systems

    Winter is a tough season on your vehicle's electrical system. Dropping temperatures pose some specific challenges for charging systems, and understanding these issues will help you determine whether it's time to replace key electrical components.

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  • Automotive Electrical System
    Beginner's guide to vehicle electrical systems

    The first time you look under the hood your vehicle's electrical system may seem like a puzzle. Here's an introductory look at the function major electrical components serve in keeping your vehicle running. It's a first step in becoming a confident do-it-yourselfer.

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  • Auto mechanic looking at engine
    7 characteristics of quality tilt trim motors

    The best tilt trim motor is one you never think about because it is flawlessly doing its job. But when a tilt trim motor fails, you know it because it makes your day of boating less enjoyable. When it's time to replace your motor, make sure the new one has these characteristics.

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  • Auto mechanic looking at engine
    5 essential questions about remanufactured engine parts

    When looking for replacement engine parts, you will see remanufactured ones listed for sale. It may leave you wondering if it's a good deal or not? Here are some important questions to ask the seller to make sure it's a bargain and not a boondoggle of an experience.

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  • Young woman with a car breakdown
    5 reasons why summer heat is hard on vehicles

    The hot days of summer are really hard on your vehicle's electrical system. In fact, heat accounts for as many breakdowns as the cold of winter. You should give your vehicle a good inspection to prevent an inconvenient electrical system failure, saving yourself from becoming stalled.

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  • car engine work
    A car repair shop secret that do-it-yourselfers should know

    Car repair shops must balance offering value pricing with reliable repairs. The most successful shops have a secret on how to keep costs low without compromising quality work. Do-it-yourselfers can use this same strategy to keep their costs low, too.

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  • Used pickup truck
    5 great reasons to buy a used truck instead of new

    When faced with the decision to buy a truck, you might want to consider giving a serious look at used trucks instead of a new one. There are distinct advantages in buying a truck with some miles in its history. Discover why used is often the better choice.

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  • Servicing a car
    Live online car repair advice is just a click away

    Do-it-yourself car repairs can save you a lot of money. But what if you're not quite sure how to do it? That's becoming less of an issue. Technology has made it possible for you to talk one-on-one with a live mechanic for how-to advice. Check it out.

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  • Tune up lawn mowers
    Lawn care enthusiasts:
    Start your engines

    When spring arrives, there is always a sense of anxiousness about starting your lawn tractor or mower for the first time. You might discover your machine is a little sluggish to start. Chances are a few new parts may get everything working like new again.

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  • High output alternator
    5 times to upgrade to a high-output alternator

    Typical stock alternators that come in vehicles are generally sufficient, but there are times when you'll need to generate more electrical power. It depends on the accessories you're powering. Find out when it may be time to upgrade to a high-output alternator.

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  • Engine maintenance
    Debunking a myth about warranties and parts

    As a consumer, you have a right to choose the replacement parts that go into your vehicle without any worry about voiding your warranty. It's all thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Learn more about your rights.

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  • Lawn and garden equipment maintenance
    9 tips for finding OPE replacement parts

    If the owner's manual is nowhere to be found, how do you find the replacement part you need for lawn and garden equipment? You're going to have to do some research, but you can pinpoint the part that's needed. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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  • Snowmobile
    5 electrical parts to keep snowmobiles trail ready

    Snowmobile enthusiasts know that electrical components make the difference between hitting the trails or sitting on the sidelines. These 5 mission-critical parts need to be up to the task. Make sure your sled is ready for the winter ahead.

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  • Stranded car in winter
    5 top tips for preparing your vehicle for winter

    A breakdown on the road is never good, but it's even worse in winter with cold and snow. Preparing your vehicle ahead of time can reduce chances of a breakdown, or make it easier to fix if it does happen. Find out what to do to be winter ready.

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  • Red car
    How solenoids work in starting a vehicle

    Solenoids are less likely to be the prime suspect when a vehicle has starting problems. People often first think of the battery or starter. But solenoids play an equally important role in the starting process. Discover what solenoids do.

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  • 3 components to check if your tilt trim motor quits

    You're the one who's suppose to be taking the day off for a day of relaxation on the water, not your tilt trim motor. If your tilt trim motor quits working, here's what to check to get it back in action.

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  • The benefits of reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering is the process that enables companies like DB Electrical to offer replacement parts that fit your make and model of vehicle. Find out what's all involved to make it happen.

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  • How to hire a mechanic to install your part

    Repairing your vehicle isn't simply a choice between dropping it off at the shop or doing it yourself. You can buy the part yourself at a cost savings and then hire a mechanic to install it.

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  • Pros and cons of new versus used parts

    When searching for a replacement part, you'll be faced with a decision to buy used or new. Which really is the better value? Here's what you'll need to consider to make the best choice.

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  • When good alternators seemingly go bad

    Installing a new alternator that doesn't work is a major frustration. But when that happens it isn't always the fault of the alternator. Find out what else could go wrong.

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  • What's a core charge and should you pay it?

    Here's a plain English explanation of what it means to pay a core charge. Why do some sellers charge it? Why doesn't DB Electrical ever ask customers to pay a core charge?

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  • Buying a discontinued car model. Yes or no?

    The domestic auto makers are dropping most sedan models. Does it make sense to buy one of these vehicles before they are gone? Take a look at the pros and cons before you buy.

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  • The factory-direct advantage

    DB Electrical sells its products on a factory-direct basis. What does that mean, and what are the advantages to you as a consumer? Find out why it's the smart choice for you as a buyer.

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  • 5 signs that your starter could soon quit starting

    A dead starter means your vehicle sits idle, and it could happen anywhere. Before your starter leaves you stranded somewhere, pay attention to these signs of a starter going bad.

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  • 5 warning signs that your alternator could fail

    Many times there are indicators that an alternator is in the twilight of its service life. Learn the signs that indicate your alternator may soon fail. It's best to replace an alternator before total failure.

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