Chainsaw users: Protect yourself and your equipment

If you own a chainsaw, keeping both yourself and your equipment safe and protected should be top of mind. Consequently, in addition to buying common things like chainsaw chain and guide bars, you might also want to consider some specialty products designed for protection of equipment and the people who operate chainsaws. Some of these items are things you might not think of because they go beyond the basics of chainsaw supplies. That being said, you’ll find practical advantages with a few additional accessories.

3 unique accessories for chainsaw users.

1) Chain Lockers – These innovative storage accessories keep chainsaw chains protected while in transit. Saw chains fit snugly inside in an organized fashion so they won’t bang against other objects or tangle with one another. By preventing contact with other objects, Chain Lockers prevent damage to sharp cutting edges of saw chains. Plus, chainsaw workers are protected from accidental contact with cutting edges of chains in storage, preventing nasty injuries from occurring.

2) Chainsaw Case – A good chainsaw case can offer several benefits. For starters, it will protect your biggest investment for getting tree work done. The case cushions and shields your chainsaw from damage that can occur while in storage and transit. Plus, it shields the chainsaw from dust and dampness that can occur. The best chainsaw cases will have a tray at the bottom to collect any oil or fuel leakage that could create a mess in the back of a pickup truck or on a garage floor. When shopping for a chainsaw case, look for one with pockets to carry additional chains or supplies. You’ll appreciate the convenience when on job sites.

3) Safety Chaps – You might want to consider safety chaps for additional safety protection. Most chainsaw users think of protecting their eyes, hearing and face with goggles, helmets, visors and earmuffs, but the legs are also highly vulnerable to injury when using a chainsaw. Safety chaps are designed to give legs an important measure of protection. Well-designed safety chaps allow for easy mobility while offering essential protection.

Chainsaw protection and operator safety.

The right accessories will help you work smarter with your chainsaw. Chainsaws and accessories are expensive, so safeguarding your equipment will pay off with more reliable and longer service. But more important than protecting equipment is protecting yourself from harm. Never compromise on safety gear when operating a chainsaw.

Arborist working in a tree