What to look for when choosing ATV and UTV axles

The axles on ATVs and UTVs endure a lot of punishment on tough trails. They must handle all the bumps and jarring motion when the terrain is rough. However, it’s not only the roughness of the ride that is tough on axles. Extreme temperatures experienced during sweltering hot summers to frigidly cold winters are also hard on axles. That’s why choosing solidly built, durable axles is important when it’s time to install new ones.

Introducing All Balls Axles

All Balls axles for ATVs and UTVs are a good choice because they offer exceptional performance, proven durability and value for the money. All Balls is a respected brand in the powersports world that is well known by mechanics. Because they are aftermarket axles, All Balls axles are often priced well below axles sold through original manufacturer dealerships, saving ATV and UTV owners money when it’s time for replacement.

A closer look at All Balls axles for ATVs and UTVs

All Balls axles are available in 6 ball bearing and 8 ball bearing designs. Both designs feature premium materials and fine craftsmanship that will deliver best-of-class performance. Here’s what both designs have in common:

1) Heavy-duty neoprene boots seal out moisture. Neoprene excels as a boot material because it stays flexible and maintains its integrity in both hot and cold temperatures. These boots block the moisture that leads to corrosion, ensuring a longer service life. Neoprene also resists solvents and chemicals.

2) High-performance molybdenum grease reduces heat and friction. This grease provides superior lubrication properties to reduce wear on contacting surfaces, extending the life of the axles. A thicker grease adheres better to maximize lubrication.

3) Heavy-duty chromoly shaft delivers strength and durability. Chromoly, also known as chrome moly steel, offers exceptional strength at lower weight ratios. You get the strength you need at a weight that won’t bog you down.

4) High shock absorption capacity softens bumps on the trail. In tests, All Balls axles have been found to offer 65 percent more absorption capacity than many OEM counterparts, giving a smoother ride than the original axles.

Features of the 6 Ball Bearing Axles

5) Heavy duty axles exceed many OEM counterparts to deliver superior durability. All Balls 6 ball axles are rated 30% stronger than many other axles.

6) Laminate coating resists rust and corrosion. A highly protective coating protects axles from the corrosive effects of moisture.

Features of the 8 Ball Bearing Axles

7) Heavy duty features exceed many stock axle specifications. These axles feature 8 precision ball bearings with bearing cages and races that are up to 35 percent larger than stock. The axles exceed many OEM counterparts in strength by 20 percent.

8) Black powder coating resists rust and corrosion. This coating provides heavy duty protection against the elements to extend the service life of the axles.

Premium ATV and UTV Axles at a Lower Cost

All Balls axles have premium features that are better than many original axles that come in ATVs and UTVs. You might think you’d pay a premium price to get axles of better quality, but often just the opposite is true. All Balls axles are often priced lower that ones sold through manufacturer dealerships. That savings can sometimes be as much as 50 percent, making All Balls ATV and UTV axles a good value on the market.

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