5 signs that your starter could soon quit starting

When your starter goes out, your vehicle will sit idle. While you can’t always predict when a component like a starter will go bad, you can become aware of the signs that something is amiss. Identifying the warning signs and replacing your starter before it expires on its own schedule can save you a headache later on.

  • #1 Sluggish Starts When your vehicle is sluggish to start, it’s a warning sign that the starter could be going bad. If this happens, it’s better to investigate the condition of your starter than to wait for the day it fails altogether.
  • #2 Clicking Sound When turning the ignition key causes a clicking sound, the starter is a prime suspect. The battery, of course, is also a leading candidate as the potential problem when a clicking sound occurs. You can dismiss the battery as the culprit by turning on headlights and accessory lights. If they illuminate brightly, the problem does not rest with the battery, bringing you back to the starter as a likely cause.
  • #3 Lights Dim If lights dim for a moment when starting your vehicle, the wiring of your starter could be shorting out. This problem results in the drawing of more current than normal, leaving less for powering other system components. Electrical shorts could lead to total failure.
  • #4 Grinding Noise This type of noise is a sign that the gears in the starter are beginning to wear out. Worn gears adversely affect how the starter engages the flywheel. Mechanics commonly call this condition “freewheeling.”
  • #5 Prolonged Running A starter motor should quit running once the engine starts. If it continues running, it’s a sign that there is a malfunction in the electrical circuitry.

If you’re getting any of these signals, you might want to check out the condition of your starter. Admittedly, these symptoms could be caused by other problems, too. But the starter is a prime suspect.

Older starters that are not operating at peak performance should be replaced before they give out altogether. It’s better to replace a failing starter before it becomes a failed starter that leaves you stranded somewhere. When you’re in the market for a new starter or related electrical component, visit DB Electrical for a wide selection of OEM-quality aftermarket electrical products.