How start stop starters benefit you and the earth

Stop and think for a moment. Imagine the thousands of vehicles stopped and waiting in traffic, nearly all of them consuming fuel. When you add up all the vehicles doing that 24/7 around the clock, it adds up to a lot of wasted money and fuel plus a lot of carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere. All of this is happening with no benefit to anyone. Fortunately, all of this waste can be stopped with a new type of starter commonly called a start stop starter.

What is a start stop starter?
The name is quite descriptive of this type of starter. When a vehicle is stopped at an intersection waiting for traffic, this starter turns the engine off. When it’s time to go, it turns the engine back on. Instead of the car idling at a stop burning fuel, it quits using fuel. That simple act saves owners of vehicles hard-earned money and reduces wasteful consumption of fuel. The starter turns the engine off and restarts it quietly and smoothly. The whole process is hardly noticeable to the driver and passengers.

An environmentally friendly innovation
With concern about carbon emissions into the atmosphere, start stop starters can contribute to a better future. It is believed that start stop starter technology can reduce carbon emissions in the range of 3 to 8 percent. When you consider the thousands of vehicles on the road, these starters have the potential to make a significant difference.

Which vehicles can use start stop starters
In the automotive industry, start stop starters are available for many popular brands, including BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Buick, Jeep, Hyundai, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, Toyota and Kia. Start stop starters can replace conventional starters without any major alterations.

Highly engineered for reliable performance
The engineering of a start stop is important. High quality start stop starters are engineered to provide over 200,000 starts over their service life. This reliable performance matches the service life of a conventional starter.

A win-win for drivers and the environment
Rarely does something have all advantages with no drawbacks but start stop starters come pretty close to perfection. These starters save drivers money on fuel purchases while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With all of these benefits, choosing a start stop starter is a wise choice the next time you need to replace your starter.

Car at stoplight