5 important fixes to boost a used car’s sales price

If you’re thinking it’s time to sell your old car, chances are you’ll fall into one of two categories. Some people just want to sell “as is” and get the old vehicle off their hands, while others prefer to do some fixes to maximize sales value. Whether you want the convenience of simply unloading the vehicle or try to make more money, you should take time to consider what’s right for you. One way is more convenient, but the other way can put more money in your wallet.

What’s the key to doing auto repair fixes that generate the best return when selling a vehicle? It’s to do things that people easily notice when inspecting a car for sale. Even though the purchase of a car is a rather sizeable transaction, people are for the most part making split-second decisions. Its highly noticeable things that increase or depress the price of a used car for sale.

5 things you can do to increase the value before selling your car

1) Tires
People not only kick the tires of a car for sale but also look at them. The tires on your car are highly visible and people will notice if they look worn out with low tread. You don’t have to buy the most expensive tires available, but a new set of tires with thick tread can boost car value.

2) Starter and other electrical components
How easily and quickly your car starts makes a big impression on car buyers. Sluggish starts will make a buyer leery of purchasing a vehicle. If your vehicle exhibits slow starting, you might want an inspection of the electrical system and replace components like the starter, solenoid, voltage regulator or battery.

3) Alternator
A failing alternator can lead to hard starts, dimming lights and erratic performance of accessories like radios. If you experience any of these problems, checking out the condition of your alternator with a voltmeter is a good idea. Making sure everything is working correctly is important when a prospective buyer is test driving your car.

4) Brakes
The feel and sound of brakes can inspire confidence or lose the sale. You want to make sure your brakes deliver a firm feel with quick-acting stops. A mushy feeling with slippage at stops will at best decrease the value of your car and at worst chase away buyers. Squealing or grinding noises will also damper the value of a vehicle. Many times, brake work can add to the sales appeal of a car.

5) Muffler and exhaust
A vehicle you can hear halfway down the block will be sold at a discount. The car can be perfect in every other way and just the noise from a failing muffler will create a negative opinion. Exhaust work on a car can often be a worthwhile investment before advertising to buyers.

Fixes to boost used car sales price

Is it worth it to fix a car to increase its value? That is a judgement call you have to make. If at best you’re going to break even or lose money, then it’s wise to skip repairs. But sometimes, you can add value that will pay off with a higher value for a car being sold. When that’s the case, it can be worthwhile investing in repairs to boost sales value.

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