What is reverse engineering?

DB Electrical uses a process often referred to as “reverse engineering” in the design of its replacement parts for vehicles of all types. It’s a term you’ll sometimes hear when talking about aftermarket parts. Reverse engineering, in effect, is a fancy name for a simple concept. Reverse engineering involves taking a product made by an original equipment manufacturer apart to see how it was made and how it works. That’s exactly what DB Electrical does for products like starters, alternators, solenoids and voltage regulators.

Parts that fit perfectly
Reverse engineering allows for creating aftermarket products that fit just like the original part that came in a vehicle. As parts are disassembled, precise measurements are taken and replicated in the design of the new aftermarket replacement part. This is important so that the part installs easily and works flawlessly.

Replacement parts that excel
DB Electrical practices reverse engineering that goes even a step further. While are being disassembled, the design and the materials used are analyzed. If the design and materials can be improved for better performance or a longer service life, those enhancements will be made. Aftermarket products from DB Electrical will match OEM specifications and sometimes exceed them.

Benefits of aftermarket products
Thanks to reverse engineering, aftermarket products help consumers in several ways. First of all, aftermarket products are often priced less than their OEM counterparts. Price-conscious consumers know that aftermarket products offer a good value. Secondly, owners of older vehicles often rely on aftermarket parts when original parts for models long out of production become scarce. Let say, for instance, that you own an AMC Gremlin from the 1970s or an Oliver tractor from the 1960s, you can buy a new starter from DB Electrical that will keep your vehicle going. Finally, aftermarket products extend the distribution reach of goods. If you do not have a dealer in town for your model of vehicle, you may find it easier to locate an aftermarket replacement part locally.

Consumers greatly benefit
Reverse engineering has significantly expanded consumer choice in the vehicle repair market. Instead of relying exclusively on original equipment manufacturers, consumers can now find alternative sources with competitive prices and more accessible availability. Consumers, without a doubt, have benefitted from the use of reverse engineering.