Pros and cons of new versus used parts

When shopping for replacement parts for your vehicle, it’s common to find used parts for sale that are labels as remanufactured, refurbished or rebuilt. Sellers of these goods promote them as great values compared to buying new. Starters and alternators are often sold as used parts. The question is: Should consumers choose new or used replacement parts?

Your Choices: OEM, Aftermarket or Used
Replacement parts can be placed into three categories: OEM, aftermarket and used. OEM parts are ones sold by the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are ones sold through sources like DB Electrical. Quality-made aftermarket parts match OEM parts for fitment and quality, but they are sold at prices below OEM counterparts. Used parts are just as the name indicates. They are parts often salvaged from vehicles and then fixed up to be sold again.

Are Used Parts Reliable?
Many used parts can work out perfectly as a replacement. But you really need to know the seller is to feel confident about quality. Some sellers adhere to strict quality standards and others don’t. Because the used parts market is kind of a cottage industry, you’ll need to do some research or have the expertise to evaluate quality yourself.

Remanufactured, Rebuilt or Refurbished
Is there any particular difference in the meaning of the words remanufactured, rebuilt or refurbished when it comes to used parts? Truth of the matter, many used parts dealers use these words interchangeably. Some sellers will use the word “remanufactured” for more extensive rework and “rebuilt” If only components showing excessive wear are replaced and everything else is just given a cleaning. You should ask questions about the extent of work done on a used part before buying it.

The Case for New Parts
DB Electrical only sells new replacement parts, including ones for starters and alternators. As an aftermarket seller, DB Electrical can competitively price its products. The benefit of a new part is that the buyer gets 100% of the service life. Unlike used parts, new parts don’t come with any previous mileage. Sometimes people rely on the used parts market if they have an older model and believe new parts are no longer be available. To serve customers with older vehicles, DB Electrical offers an extensive line of replacement aftermarket products for models long out of production.

Be a Wise Consumer
Choosing the right part involves doing your homework as a consumer. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of your buying options when shopping. By knowing what’s most important, you’ll make the decision that best serves your needs to get your vehicle back on the road.