Finding replacement parts for older tractors

Old tractors are amazingly durable machines. Tractors that rolled onto fields decades ago are still working today. Ruggedly built old farm tractors were manufactured with good bones. Of course, like all machinery, tractors have parts that wear out. The good news is that you can get new parts for most brands of tractors, including old John Deere tractors and old Massey Ferguson tractors. You can even find parts for bygone tractor brands like Oliver, Allis-Chalmers and Farmall. Some models like the Ford 8N tractor have almost risen to celebrity status and parts are readily available.

Who’s Buying Used Tractors
Classic tractors have developed two distinct fan bases. Many farmers continue to use older tractors as working tractors in the fields. In fact, some farmers even prefer older tractors because they are easier to fix and maintain. Modern tractors with computer systems and gadgetry are not easily fixed by do-it-yourselfers, but older tractor models come with a simplicity that endears them to hands-on repair types. Collectors are the second group who appreciate older tractors. There is a growing number of people who restore old tractors and display them in summer festivals and parades.

Where to Buy Replacement Tractor Parts
There are a couple options for finding parts to keep older tractors going. You can hunt through salvage yards or visit used parts dealers to find replacements, but you can also find new parts for tractors that have been out of production for years. Brand new starters, alternators, radiators, water pumps, clutches, lighting systems and other tractor parts are available to keep older models operational. These parts are manufactured to match the original ones for exact fit, so installation is never a problem.

Upgrading Aesthetic Appeal
Besides fixing mechanical issues, you can also enhance the appearance of tractors with new parts. Swapping out an old, worn and cracked tractor seat with a new one is a high visibility improvement. You can even find some emblems and decals that herald back to vintage tractors of yesteryear.

How Long Can Old Tractors Last?
With a reliable source of replacement tractor parts, there’s no telling how long older tractors can keep going. Many tractors have already lasted well beyond what would have been considered their working years, but they just keep going thanks to the passion and commitment of people who want to keep them around.

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