Transport and store chainsaw chains the easy way

Sometimes an idea so ingenious comes up that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. The Chain Locker for storing and transporting chainsaw chains is just one of those ideas. The Chain Locker stores, organizes and protects chainsaw chains better that anything on the market. The Chain Locker is a durable case made to securely hold chainsaw chains. The interior of the case is configured to hold chains of different lengths, so one case works for a range of chain sizes. Each case carries two or more chains, which varies depending on the length of chains being stored.

Easier transport of chainsaw chains

Transporting chainsaw chains has previously been a challenge. It’s easy for chainsaw chains to tangle or for the cutting edges to bump against other objects. Plus, when a worker sorts through equipment at a jobsite, the potential for accidental contact between the cutting edges and fingers has always been present. The Chain Locker solves all those issues. Concealed inside the case, chainsaw chairs are prevented from tangling and protected from damage. On the safety front, keeping the chain concealed inside the case reduces the chance for accidents.

Better storage of chainsaw chains

Storing a chainsaw chain is easier, too, with Chain Locker. It’s recommended to oil the chain in between uses to prevent corrosion. However, an oiled chain is more likely to attract and accumulate dust. The Chain Locker protects the chain from contaminants; and being made from polypropylene, it won’t deteriorate like a cardboard box will when exposed to oil.

Built tough to protect chainsaw chains

The Chain Locker handles rigorous treatment. Designed for tough jobsites involving logging and tree work, the Chain Locker is made to be durable with hinges that are frame reinforced with stainless steel rods for rust resistance. The cases come in 3 colors. Blaze orange and high visibility yellow are easy to spot in the field on jobsites. If you don’t feel you need high visibility, a neutral gray is also available. Some people use the colors to identify which cases contain which types of chains.

Keep chainsaw chains in tiptop shape

Chainsaw chains are an investment in equipment. The Chain Locker is a great way to protect equipment while in storage or transport. Easier handling of chainsaw chains pays off in many ways.

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