5 questions about remanufactured engine parts

When doing engine repair work, one way to save money is to buy remanufactured parts. Buying remanufactured over new can be a good value, and the long-term reliability of remanufactured parts can be good. However, like with any purchase, an informed customer is the one who will fare best, especially when purchasing essential parts like alternators and starters. Before you put your money down, find out more about the part you’re considering to purchase.

Here are 5 questions to ask the seller when purchasing a remanufactured alternator or starter.

1) How thoroughly is the part inspected? The best remanufactured parts are fully disassembled and reassembled to make sure there are no hidden surprises inside. This is the only way to give the part a complete and thorough inspection.

2) Does the cleaning go beyond cosmetic work? Your remanufactured part should receive a thorough cleaning, not just a light touch-up. That’s another reason the part should be disassembled so that internal components can be fully cleaned, too.

3) Are worn components replaced? Some parts sold as remanufactured are simply used ones with all of the worn internal components remaining. A quality remanufactured part is one in which worn internal components have been replaced with new components. You’ll get a lot more mileage out of the part that has been remanufactured with new components.

4) Is the remanufactured part tested? Before purchasing a remanufactured part, you should find out if it was performance tested. Remanufactured parts should be tested by the seller before being delivered to the customer.

5) Does the seller back the remanufactured part with a warranty? The seller should have enough confidence in the part that they are willing to back it up with a warranty. You should never buy replacement parts from sellers who won’t be around to provide support if needed.

If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, then a remanufactured alternator, remanufactured starter or other engine part can be a good option. A remanufactured part that offers reliability and a long service life is a good value. Before you make your purchase, ask the questions that can steer you to a good decision and away from a big disappointment.

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