The factory-direct advantage

When you purchase aftermarket products from DB Electrical, you’re receiving the benefits of factory direct buying. You’re probably asking, what does that mean? With DB Electrical, it means you’re getting replacement parts that are as good as the original ones that were installed in your vehicle. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running as well as the first day you drove it. Better yet, even though you’ll get OEM quality, you’ll pay substantially less than buying from many other sources.

Here are a few benefits of DB Electrical’s factory direct approach:
  • Great Value with No Middleman MarkupDB Electrical can often sell you these products at up to 50% off typical retail prices because of a direct relationship with the factories. We’re your link to the factories that manufacture the industry’s best-performing parts. With factory-direct pricing, you do not pay additional middleman markups that are charged elsewhere. We also sell directly to consumers without a chain of brick and mortar stores across the country. Somebody must pay for all those stores, but it shouldn’t be you.
  • Factories Know Our Quality ExpectationsDB Electrical works closely with the factories that supply our products. Our engineers meet with factory representatives to ensure that our rigorous standards are met. Because we have an ongoing relationship with the factories, they know our high expectations for both fitment and performance. We also do a multipoint test to make sure products are meeting our expectations.
  • Reliability Every Time You Order Whether your vehicle is for work or recreation, it’s important that it performs flawlessly. That’s why we believe a solid working relationship with the factories that manufacture our products is important. We never just buy excess inventory off a dock from sources we don’t know. A cut-rate price doesn’t mean much if cut-rate quality lets you down. We must feel confident that a part we sell will work perfectly before it arrives on your doorstep. It’s part of our factory direct advantage.