Never pay a core charge with DB Electrical

What is a Core Charge?

In the replacement parts industry, there is a common practice to charge a fee referred to as a core charge. Core charges are extra fees that you pay when buying certain replacement parts from some sellers. The fee will be repaid to you when you return the old part being replaced. If you don’t return the old part, you are out the money for that extra fee. Parts that often have core charges include batteries, starters, alternators, power steering pumps, AC compressors and transmissions.

No Core Charges with DB Electrical
DB Electrical never makes you pay a core charge. This policy saves you from the inconvenience of having to package and ship the core back. You also save yourself that extra fee in case you don’t ever ship the old part back. After all, many people have good intentions but ever get around to it.

Reasons Some Sellers Apply Core Charges
You might wonder why anyone would expect you to pay a core charge. Some companies make money by selling used parts for recycling or refurbishing old parts for sale as remanufactured goods. DB Electrical, however, never sells used parts, so we have no interest in collecting them for that purpose. DB Electrical does encourage recycling, but you can usually find local recycling centers to take old parts. That seems like a better option than charging you a fee and asking you to pay to ship old parts across the country. Not charging a core charge is another example of our focus on customer service.