Power Tilt Trim Motor Yamaha Outboard 6H1-43880-02  107-130
Power Tilt Trim Motor Yamaha Outboard 6H1-43880-02  107-130

Power Tilt Trim Motor Yamaha Outboard 6H1-43880-02 107-130

Item #: TRM0025
Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
  • 100% New aftermarket unit built to meet OEM specifications
  • 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase
  • Factory direct pricing with no middleman markup delivers exceptional value
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Tilt Trim Motors
Owners of Yamaha outboard motors appreciate the flawless and precise operation of DB Electrical tilt trim motors that match OEM performance. DB Electrical tilt trim motors smoothly raise and lower boat engines to the perfect angle for better on-the-water performance and fuel economy. They can also lift your engine upward to avoid damage when loading your boat on a trailer. Tilt trim motors make your days out on the water more enjoyable by giving you more control over how your boat performs. Our tilt trim motors are 12-volt direct current, reversing-style motors. We test our tilt trim motors on a professional test bench to ensure dependable performance.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose DB Electrical Tilt Trim Motors

  • Marine grade that meets SAE J1171 and ISO8847
  • Designed to meet or exceed original (OEM) equipment specifications
  • High quality brushes, bushings and armatures for longer service life
  • Includes harness, relays and heavy-duty valves where applicable

How Tilt Trim Motors Work
When it’s time to install a tilt trim motor, you’ll notice one green and one blue wire on most models. The blue wire carries power to raise the engine, and the green wire carries power to lower the engine. Motors built for older-style systems may also have a black wire that serves as a ground. Newer style systems do not have this third wire.

Money-Saving Bottom Line Difference
Our tilt trim motors are typically priced lower than OEM counterparts. Because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality tilt trim motors at low factory direct prices.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your motor meets your expectations.

Item Number: TRM0025

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeTilt & Trim Motor
BriefTILT MOTOR ,YAMAHA 50-90HP 1992-95 ,YAMAHA 40HP 1994 ,70-90HP 1996 ,YAMAHA 60 70 90HP 1997-ON

Applications List

Select Make & Type
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40EJR199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40ELR199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40ESR199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40MJH199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40MLH199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40MSH199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40PLR199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors40TLR199440HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors50TLH199250HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors50TLH199350HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors50TLH199450HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200160HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200260HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200360HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200460HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200560HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors60TLR200660HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199270HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199370HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199470HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199570HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199670HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199770HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199870HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR199970HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200070HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200170HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200270HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200370HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200470HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200570HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200670HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200770HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200870HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR200970HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors70TLR201070HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199290HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199390HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199490HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199590HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199690HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199790HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199890HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR199990HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR200090HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TJR200190HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199290HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199390HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199490HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199590HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199690HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199790HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199890HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR199990HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200090HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200190HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200290HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200390HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200490HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200590HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200690HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200790HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200890HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR200990HP
YAMAHAOutboard Motors90TLR201090HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsB90TLR199890HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsB90TLR199990HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC55ELR199455HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC55ELR199555HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC55TLR199455HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC55TLR199555HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60ELR199660HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR199660HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR199760HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR199860HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR199960HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR200060HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC60TLR200160HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC70TLR200070HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC70TLR200170HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199475HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199575HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199675HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199775HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199875HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC75TLR199975HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC80TLR199780HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC85TLR199285HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC85TLR199385HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC85TLR199485HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC85TLR199585HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC85TLR199685HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC90TLR199790HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC90TLR199890HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC90TLR199990HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC90TLR200090HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsC90TLR200190HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP50TLR199350HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199260HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199360HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199460HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199560HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199660HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199760HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199860HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP60TLH199960HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP75TLH199675HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP75TLH199775HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP75TLH199875HP
YAMAHAOutboard MotorsP75TLH199975HP

Replaces These Part Numbers

J & N430-22028
MP PARTS4-6781
WAI10830N, 82-68101

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