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High Output Alternators

High Output alternators generate more amps

Sometimes the stock alternator in a vehicle just doesn't produce enough amps to fully power the electrical system. That's when you'll want to upgrade to a high output alternator capable of generating more amps for more electrical power. Signs of inadequate power include flickering or dimming lights, intermittent electrical accessory outages and batteries that don't last as long as they seemingly should. High output alternators are often recommended when a vehicle has power hungry accessories such as a high-end audio system or off-road lighting accessories. Many vehicles that do heavy-duty work like industrial machinery and utility trucks also benefit from the additional amperage that high output alternators provide.  The greater amount of amperage from a high output alternator means your battery doesn't have to work as hard, which will prolong the life of the battery and better serve electrical accessories that need the power.

Your source for high output alternators

DB Electrical offers an extensive selection of high output alternators to fit many makes and models of vehicles. Our high output alternators are made for perfect fitment according to OEM specifications for applicable vehicle models. We are a trusted source of industry-leading high output alternators recommended by professional mechanics. 

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