All Balls Racing Rear Right 8-Ball CV Axle for Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT 800 2015-2019

All Balls Racing Rear Right 8-Ball CV Axle for Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT 800 2015-2019

Item #: AB8-KW-8-321

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Ruggedly built 8-ball axles to handle tough riding terrain for ATVs and UTVs
  • Heavy duty chromoly shaft with 65% more shock absorption than OEM
  • Exceeds OEM axle strength by up to 20% and aftermarket competitors up to 50%
  • Heavy-duty neoprene boots create a waterproof seal
  • Laminate coating resists rush and corrosion
  • High performance molybdenum grease reduces heat and friction
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All Balls Racing 8 Ball Heavy Duty Axles
DB Electrical is proud to offer genuine All Balls Racing 8 Ball Heavy Duty Axles – a favorite among serious powersports enthusiasts. All Balls Racing is a leading distributor of axles that handle exceptionally rugged terrain. Rough riding calls for stronger axles and that’s where All Balls Racing excels. These axles are precision machined for exact OEM fit.

Stronger to Handle Tough Terrain
Compared to most axles, All Balls Racing 8 Ball Heavy Duty Axles have a much larger shaft diameter made of chromoly steel that’s significantly stronger than the standard mild steel used by OEM manufacturers. It’s covered by a black matte finish that protects both joints, providing resistance to heat, friction, rust and corrosion. This axle has 8 precision ball bearings with bearing cage and race sizes increased by 35 percent, greatly enhancing CV load strength. The 8-ball design allows for increased load capacity by distributing the stress forces across larger surfaces. In the static torsion tests, the All Balls Racing 8 Ball Axle was 20 percent stronger than any OEM axle up to 50 percent stronger than aftermarket competitors in fatigue tests. It lasted up to 12 times longer, giving riders more time on the trail. This axle is typically priced up to 50% less than most OEM counterparts, giving ATV and UTV riders a better axle at a lower cost.

Your Satisfaction is Assured – Every Product is Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your axles meet your expectations.

Item Number: AB8-KW-8-321

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
DescriptionRear Right 8ball CV Axle
Notes20% Stronger than OEM axle strength and is 50% stronger than competitive axles
Lasts 12X Longer than competitors
Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 - ISO 9001 Registered facility
50% of the OEM Retail Price
Up to 35% larger bearing Cages
Up to 35% larger Bearing Races
Hi-performance molybdenum grease reduces heat and friction
Heavy-duty neoprene boots create a waterproof seal
Precision machined for precise OEM fitment
Low profile stainless steel clamps
One-year limited warranty
Guaranteed fit

Applications List

Select Make & Type
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DX EPS20211000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DX20161000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DX20171000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DX20181000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DX20231000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT EPS20211000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT20161000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT20171000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT20181000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT20211000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-DXT20231000
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 EPS2022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 LE2022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 800 Ranch2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FX 8002023820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXR 8002023820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2015820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS Camo2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2015820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS LE2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2015820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 EPS2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 800 Ranch2022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002015820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002016820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002017820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002018820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002019820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002020820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT 8002023820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT EPS LE2021820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT EPS LE2022820
KawasakiUTVMule PRO-FXT EPS LE2023820

Replaces These Part Numbers

Kawasaki59266-0050, 59266-0728

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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