Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077
Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077

Alternator for John Deere Engines - Marine 4045DFM70 Code 3104 400-24077

Item #: 400-24077

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DB Electrical marine alternators excel for powering watercrafts.
  • Built to Beat the Heat: High temperature epoxy and high temperature grease withstand extreme heat
  • Heavy-duty rectifiers and high-quality regulators enhance superior charging performance
  • Plated fans, pulleys and hardware protect against rust-producing dampness
  • Marine alternators meet SAEJ1171 certification for use on boats and jet skis
  • Factory direct, money-saving alternator typically priced substantially less than OEM counterparts
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DB Electrical Alternators
DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.

With DB Electrical alternators, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket alternators deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket alternators are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our alternators go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance. Most alternators are supplied with their final test results and performance curve.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next alternator:

  • Built to Take the Heat – Most DB Electrical alternators offer high-temperature epoxy, heavy-duty rectifiers, high-quality regulators, top-quality bearings and high-temperature grease for better charging and longer life under high-heat environments.
  • Depth of Inventory – Find both common and hard-to-find alternators for virtually any type of vehicle to travel over road, trail or water.
  • Brand New Alternator – Never settle for a secondhand one. Many places will try to sell you a used alternator for about the price we’ll sell you a new one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your alternator meets your expectations.

Item Number: 400-24077

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Critical Note
Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeAlternator
Fan TypeEF
Adjusting Ear is Unthreaded

Applications List

Select Make & Type
Case IHDozer1150E19856-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19866-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19876-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19886-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19896-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19906-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19916-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19926-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19936-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19946-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19956-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150E19966-830 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150G19966-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150G19976-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150G19986-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150G19996-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer1150G20006-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19846-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19856-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19866-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19876-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19886-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19896-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19906-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850D19916-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850E19926-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850E19936-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19946-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19956-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19966-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19976-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19986-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G19996-590 Diesel
Case IHDozer850G20006-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19836T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19846T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19856T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19866T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19876T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19886T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19896T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1085B19906T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19856T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19866T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19876T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19886T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19896T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1086B19906T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1187C Feller Buncer19896T-830 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1187C Feller Buncer19906T-830 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1187C Feller Buncer19916T-830 Diesel
Case IHExcavator1187C Feller Buncer19926T-830 Diesel
Case IHExcavator90101993390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator90101994390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1994390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1995390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1996390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1997390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1998390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B1999390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9010B2000390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator90201993390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator90201994390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1994390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1995390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1996390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1997390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1998390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B1999390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9020B2000390 Diesel
Case IHExcavator903019926T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator903019936T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator903019946T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19946T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19956T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19966T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19976T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19986T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B19996T-590 Diesel
Case IHExcavator9030B20006T-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19856-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19866-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19876-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19886-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19896-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19906-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19916-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19926-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19936-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19946-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19956-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150E19966-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150G19966-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150G19976-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150G19986-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150G19996-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1150G20006-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19856-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19866-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19876-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19886-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19896-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19906-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19916-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19926-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler1155E19936-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler155019906-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler155019916-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler155019926-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler155019936-830 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19846-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19856-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19866-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19876-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19886-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19896-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19906-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850D19916-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850E19926-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850E19936-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19946-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19956-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19966-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19976-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19986-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G19996-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler850G20006-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19846-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19856-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19866-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19876-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19886-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19896-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19906-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855D19916-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855E19926-590 Diesel
Case IHCrawler855E19936-590 Diesel
Case IHFeller Bunchers1187C Feller Buncer19896T-830 Diesel
Case IHFeller Bunchers1187C Feller Buncer19906T-830 Diesel
Case IHFeller Bunchers1187C Feller Buncer19916T-830 Diesel
Case IHFeller Bunchers1187C Feller Buncer19926T-830 Diesel
Case IHWheel LoadersW14B19856-590 Diesel
Case IHWheel LoadersW14B19866-590 Diesel
Case IHWheel LoadersW14B19876-590 Diesel
Case IHWheel LoadersW14B19886-590 Diesel
Case IHWheel LoadersW14B19896-590 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers605CAllJD PT 4.5L 99HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers655B1982JD 6.8L 120HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers655B1983JD 6.8L 120HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers655B1984JD 6.8L 120HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers655B1985JD 6.8L 120HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers655B1986JD 6.8L 120HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers700HAllAll
JOHN DEERECrawlers700JAllJD PT 6.8L 115HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1982All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1983All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1984All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1985All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1986All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1987All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1988All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1989All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750B1990All
JOHN DEERECrawlers750CAllAll
JOHN DEERECrawlers750C-IIAllAll
JOHN DEERECrawlers750JAllJD PT 6.8L 145HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1985JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1986JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1987JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1988JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1989JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers755B1990JD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1982619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1983619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1984619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1985619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1986619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1987619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1988619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1989619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850B1990619 Diesel
JOHN DEERECrawlers850CAllAll
JOHN DEERECrawlers850C-IIAllAll
JOHN DEERECrawlers850JAllJD 9.0L 185HP Diesel
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045DFM70 (Code 3104)20044.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045DFM70 (Code 3104)20054.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045DFM70 (Code 3104)20064.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045DFM70 (Code 3104)20074.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045TFM75 (Code 3142)20044.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045TFM75 (Code 3142)20054.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045TFM75 (Code 3142)20064.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine4045TFM75 (Code 3142)20074.5L - 276ci - 4cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068SFM50 (Code 3142)20046.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068SFM50 (Code 3142)20056.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068SFM50 (Code 3142)20066.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068SFM50 (Code 3142)20076.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM75 (Code 3142)20046.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM75 (Code 3142)20056.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM75 (Code 3142)20066.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM75 (Code 3142)20076.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM76 (Code 3142)20046.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM76 (Code 3142)20056.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM76 (Code 3142)20066.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREEngines - Marine6068TFM76 (Code 3142)20076.8L - 414ci - 6cyl
JOHN DEEREExcavators110AllJD 4.5L 80HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators120AllJD 4.5L 90HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators120CAllJD 4.5L 89HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators160 LCAllJD 4.5L 109HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators160C LCAllJD 4.5L 109HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators190EAllJD 3.9L 60HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators200 LCAllJD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators200C LCAllJD 6.8L 141HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators230 LCAllJD 6.8L 170HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators230C LCAllJD 6.8L 169HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators230LCRAll4045 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators230LCRAll6068 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators270 LCAllJD 6.8L 170HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators270C LCAllJD 6.8L 177HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators330 LCAllJD 8.1L 235HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators330C LCAllJD 8.1L 246HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators330LCRAllJD 8.1L 235HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators370AllJD 8.1L 235HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators370CAllJD 8.1L 235HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators370C LCAllJD 8.1L 246HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators450 LCAll619 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators450C LCAll763 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators490EAllJD 4.5L 85HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators690EAllJD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators690E LCAllJD 6.8L 140HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators790E LCAllJD 6.8L 155HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREExcavators792All466 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators792D LCAll466 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators892E LCAll466 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators992EAll619 Diesel
JOHN DEEREExcavators992E LCAll619 Diesel
JOHN DEEREGraders570BAll359 Diesel
JOHN DEEREGraders670BAllJD 6.8L 142HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders670C / CHAllJD PT 6.8L 198HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders672BAllJD 6.8L 142HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders672C / CHAllJD PT 6.8L 198HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders770B / BHAllJD 7.6L 162HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders770C / CHAllJD PT 166HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders772B / BHAllJD 7.6L 165HP Dsl
JOHN DEEREGraders772CHAllJD PT 8.1L 226HP Dsl
JOHN DEERELoaders344GAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders444GAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders444HAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders444JAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders544HAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders544JAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders624HAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders624JAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders644HAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders644JAllAll
JOHN DEERELoaders724JAllAll
JOHN DEERELoggers2054AllAll
JOHN DEERELoggers2554AllAll
JOHN DEERELoggers3554AllAll
JOHN DEEREPower Unit6090AllJD 6090
JOHN DEERETool CarriersTC44HAllAll
JOHN DEERETool CarriersTC54HAllAll
JOHN DEERETool CarriersTC62HAllAll
KOMATSUCrawlersD41AAll6D102 Engine
KOMATSUCrawlersD41EAll6D102 Engine
KOMATSUCrawlersD41PAll6D102 Engine

Replaces These Part Numbers

ANDRE NIERMANN020027, 02060039, 02488206, 02488298
ARROWHEADB0120488206, B0120488298, BAL9940X, IA0759, IA1362, MG568, MG84
ARROWHEADABO0204, 400-24077
BOSCH0-120-488-206, 0-120-488-294, 0-120-488-298, 0-120-489-071, 9-120-060-039, 9-120-060-045, F-005-A00-003, F-005-A00-022, F-005-A00-027
CASEA187916, AR187916, P941542
CUMMINS3020678, 3284392, 3920678
DIXIEA-6238, A-6352, A-6359
J&N Electrical Products400-24077
JOHN DEEREAL12148, AT161324, AT175195, AT185696, AT207608, SE501341, SE501362, TY24322, TY26045, TY6774, TY6798
LESTER12148, 12440, 12441, 12587
MINNPAR47-1212, 47-4293, 47-4699
PIC220-378, 220-378A, 220-378B, 220-379, 220-379A, 220-379B, 220-379C
WAI12148N, 1-2518-41BO
WILSON HD90-15-6237, 90-15-6294, 90-15-6311, 90-15-6425
WILSON90-15-6237, 90-15-6294, 90-15-6311, 90-15-6425

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a larger charge wire for a High Output unit?
A: The high amp unit will operate better than stock, but not to its full potential without a larger charge wire. It’s the same reason firetrucks do not use garden hoses. It is IMPARATIVE to have proper charge and ground cables.

Q: Does a High Amp unit cause any damage to my battery or my vehicles charging system?
A: As long as it is installed properly with battery in good condition, then no. A High Output unit works exactly like a factory unit and only produces what is being demanded. No alternator works continuously at full output. Higher amperage is not bad and will not hurt a battery, but high voltage will blow one up.

Q: Will aftermarket underdrive pulleys (crankshaft power pulley) have any effect on my alternator?
A: Yes, underdrive crankshaft pulleys slow all the components (power steering, a/c, and alternator) to provide more power to the rear wheels. In some cases, the charging systems will fall totally on the battery at idle and completely stop charging.

Q: Where is the best place to get a voltage reading of the alternator output?
A: You’ll get the most accurate voltage reading from the back of the alternator at the main charge post that runs directly to the battery. This must be done while the vehicle is running.

Q: Why is the pulley on a high amp alternator smaller than my stock pulley?
A: The smaller pulley advances the power curve of the alternator just slightly, which produces a little more amperage around the idle if needed.

Q: Will I need a smaller belt for my high amp unit?
A: This varies by application because not all belts and belt tensioners are in the same condition. The tensioner will always tell you if you need a new belt or not. If it’s in range, you will not. If it is out, you will. Generally, you will need a belt that is one inch shorter than stock. You should have no problem finding a replacement wherever you buy your parts. V belt applications simply re-adjust your belt tensions to 3/8” deflection.

Q: What is the difference between a one wire, self-exciting and a self-energizing regulator?
A: Nothing. They are all exactly the same. Different manufacturers use different terms for marketing. The only wire to hook up is the charge wire to the battery. This does require modification for the alternator charge light on the dash.

Q: My stock unit used a five-groove pulley, and you sent my high amp alternator with a 6 groove. Why and what can I do?
A: 5 groove overdrive pullies are not produced. Install the belt on the back groove of the pulley closest to the fan or body of the alternator. The fan is internal, and this application will work just fine.

Q: Can your alternator be run in dual or triple alternator applications?
A: Yes. When wired and mounted correctly, the alternator can run in either dual or triple applications.

Q: Will I need a new battery with a high amp alternator?
A: If your battery is in good condition, and in spec of its OEM rating, then no. Your battery should work equally well with either the OEM and a High Amp unit.

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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