Briggs and Stratton Replacement Ignition Coil 395491, 397358

Briggs and Stratton Replacement Ignition Coil 395491, 397358

Item #: 160-01008

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DB Electrical ignition coils provide more robust engine performance
  • New ignition coils contribute to quicker starts
  • Enhances smoother engine performance
  • Promotes better fuel economy
  • Matches OEM for perfect fit
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
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Quality ignition coils enhance engine performance
DB Electrical ignition coils ensure smooth operation of your vehicle. Our highly engineered ignition coils deliver quick starts, ensure flawless operation without misfires and promote more efficient fuel usage with better gas mileage. With new ignition coils from DB Electrical, you’ll experience enhanced engine performance for more robust starts and acceleration.

What ignition coils do in your vehicle
The purpose of the ignition coil is to transform the battery’s low voltage into volts that produce the electric spark in spark plugs. Without ignition coils, spark plugs cannot generate the spark required for combustion. The ignition coil is the essential link between the battery and spark plug to generate combustion in gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. Because of what they do, ignition coils are also sometimes called spark coils by some mechanics.

With DB Electrical ignition coils, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket ignition coils deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket ignition coils are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our ignition coils go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your ignition coil meets your expectations.

Item Number: 160-01008

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
FitsBriggs & Stratton 5HP Engines (Except Quantum)
Critical NoteNot for Use on Quantum Engines

Applications List

Select Make & Type
Briggs & Stratton130232
Briggs & Stratton130902
Briggs & Stratton131702
Briggs & Stratton132922
Briggs & Stratton133202
Briggs & Stratton133212
Briggs & Stratton133232 5 h
Briggs & Stratton133237
Briggs & Stratton133702 6 h
Briggs & Stratton134202
Briggs & Stratton135202 5 h
Briggs & Stratton135212 5 h
Briggs & Stratton135232 5 h
Briggs & Stratton135237
Briggs & Stratton135252
Briggs & Stratton135292 5 h
Briggs & Stratton135297
Briggs & Stratton135702
Briggs & Stratton137202 5.5 h
Briggs & Stratton137212

Replaces These Part Numbers

BRIGGS & STRATTON395490, 395491, 397358, 697037
J&N Electrical Products160-01008

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the symptoms of a failing coil?
A. All of these could be from a single coil or multiple coils depending on the vehicle:

  • When the coil starts to go bad, you will notice reduced gas mileage. You’ll experience diminished performance and more frequent fill-ups at the gas station. The engine just does not burn all the fuel it needs. If the ignition coils are not firing, the engine just simply cannot burn fuel fast enough.
  • The engine turns over easily, but has difficulty starting, requiring you to hold the key in the start position much longer than normal.
  • The engine starts misfiring, causing sputtering and jerking.
  • The engine starts misfiring, causing sputtering, jerking, backfiring, and check engine light is on.
Any of these symptoms could indicate a need for new coil(s).

Q: What causes an ignition coil to go bad?
  • Normal wear and tear or exposure to the elements is the number one reason.
  • Damaged or poorly functioning spark plugs.
  • Engine vibrations caused by poorly functioning spark plugs.
  • Moisture.
Q: How can ignition coils be checked or tested?
A: Take the vehicle to a mechanic or have it scanned with an OBD scan tool.

Q: Can I drive with bad ignition coils?
A: It’s not recommended, but, in most cases, you can still drive the vehicle. However, you really should get it checked IMMEDIATELY! That flashing check engine light is trying to tell you something. Most auto stores will scan it for free. Failure to do so could result in engine and/or catalytic converter failure.

Q: How long does an ignition coil last?
A: Under normal conditions, you can expect to get anywhere from 75,000 – 100,000 miles, considering all the above factors. Results will vary, of course.

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