Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077
Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077

Case Ford New Holland Tractor Alternator SBA18504-6320 400-48205 12077

Item #: 400-48205

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DB Electrical Alternators for Ford Vehicles
DB Electrical offers premium-quality alternators that deliver high-performance for Ford vehicles. Owners of Ford cars, trucks, vans and SUVs appreciate the highly engineered quality of DB Electrical alternators for flawless mechanical performance and longevity. Incorporated in 1903, Ford has been a leader in the automotive industry for over a century. Ford’s blue oval logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the automotive marketplace.

With DB Electrical alternators, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket alternators deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket alternators are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our alternators go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance. Most alternators are supplied with their final test results and performance curve.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next alternator:

  • Built to Take the Heat – Most DB Electrical alternators offer high-temperature epoxy, heavy-duty rectifiers, high-quality regulators, top-quality bearings and high-temperature grease produce better charging and longer life under high-heat environments.
  • Brand New Alternator – Never settle for a secondhand one. Many places will try to sell you a used alternator for about the price we’ll sell you a new one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – Factory-Direct Pricing and 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical sells its exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory-direct prices. DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your alternator meets your expectations.

Item Number: 400-48205

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeAlternator
Pulley ClassV1
Fan TypeIF

Applications List

Select Make & Type
Case IHTractorD3504-OnShibaura 1.7L 35HP Dsl
Case IHTractorD4004-OnShibaura 2.0L 35HP Dsl
Case IHTractorD4504-OnShibaura 2.2L 45HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX2904-OnShibaura 1.3L 29HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX3106-OnShibaura 1.5L 31HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX3304-OnShibaura 1.5L 33HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX3406-OnShibaura 1.7L 35HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX3504-OnShibaura 1.7L 35HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX4004-OnShibaura 2.0L 35HP Dsl
Case IHTractorDX4504-OnShibaura 2.2L 45HP Dsl
Case IHTractorFarmall 3108-On3-91 Diesel
Case IHTractorFarmall 3508-On3-101 Diesel
FORDTractor132019873-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019883-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019893-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019903-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019913-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019923-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019933-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019943-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019953-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019963-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019973-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor132019983-77 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019873-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019883-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019893-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019903-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019913-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019923-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019933-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019943-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019953-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor152019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor153019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor153019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor153019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019923-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019933-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019943-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019953-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor162019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor163019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor163019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor163019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor163019993-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor171519933-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor171519943-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor171519953-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor171519963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor171519973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019873-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019883-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019893-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019903-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019913-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019923-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019933-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019943-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019953-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019963-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019973-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019983-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172019993-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172020003-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172020013-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172020023-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172519963-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172519973-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor172519983-81 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019874-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019884-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019894-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019904-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019914-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019924-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019934-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019944-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019954-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019964-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019974-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019984-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192019994-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192020004-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192020014-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192020024-122 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192519963-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192519973-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor192519983-91 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019874-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019884-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019894-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019904-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019914-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019924-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019934-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019944-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019954-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019964-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019974-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019984-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212019994-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212020004-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212020014-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor212020024-139 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519934-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519944-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519954-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519964-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519974-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519984-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341519994-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341520004-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341520014-135 Shibaura Diesel
FORDTractor341520024-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDMowers - FrontG603008-On1.5L 3cyl 30HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDMowers - FrontG603508-On1.7L 3cyl 36HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDMowers - FrontMC2800-On1.3lL 3cyl 28HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDMowers - FrontMC3500-On1.7L 3cyl 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL14006-OnN843 1.5L 32HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL15006-OnN843H 1.5L 38HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL16006-OnN844 2.0L 46HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL17006-OnN844T 2.0L 52HP Turbo Dsl
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651994Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651995Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651996Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651997Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651998Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL4651999Ford VSG413
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651994N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651995N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651996N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651997N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651998N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersL5651999N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLS14000-OnN843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLS15000-OnN843H Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLS16000-OnN844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLS17000-OnN844T Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651994N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651995N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651996N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651997N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651998N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4651999N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851994N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851995N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851996N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851997N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851998N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX4851999N843 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651994N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651995N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651996N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651997N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651998N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX5651999N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651994N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651995N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651996N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651997N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651998N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDSkid Steer LoadersLX6651999N844 Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019873-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019883-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019893-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019903-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019913-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019923-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019933-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019943-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019953-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019963-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019973-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor132019983-77 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019873-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019883-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019893-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019903-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019913-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019923-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019933-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019943-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019953-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor152019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor153019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor153019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor153019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019913-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019923-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019933-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019943-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019953-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor162019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor163019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor163019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor163019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor171519933-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor171519943-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor171519953-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor171519963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor171519973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019873-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019883-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019893-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019903-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019913-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019923-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019933-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019943-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019953-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019983-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172019993-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172020003-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172020013-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172020023-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172519963-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172519973-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor172519983-81 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019874-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019884-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019894-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019904-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019914-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019924-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019934-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019944-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019954-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019964-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019974-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019984-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192019994-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192020004-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192020014-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192020024-122 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192519963-91 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192519973-91 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor192519983-91 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019874-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019884-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019894-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019904-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019914-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019924-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019934-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019944-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019954-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019964-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019974-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019984-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212019994-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212020004-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212020014-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor212020024-138 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519934-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519944-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519954-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519964-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519974-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519984-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341519994-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341520004-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341520014-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor341520024-135 Shibaura Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorBoomer 203008-On1.5L 3cyl 31HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorBoomer 203508-On1.6L 3cyl 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorBoomer 304008-On2.0L 4cyl 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorBoomer 304508-On2.2L 4cyl 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorBoomer 305008-On2.2L 4cyl 50HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT151008-On1.5L 3cyl 30HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT152007-On1.7L 3cyl 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT221008-On1.5L 3cyl 31HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT222008-On1.6L 3cyl 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT231008-On2.0L 4cyl 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT232008-On2.2L 4cyl 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorT233008-On2.2L 4cyl 50HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC251998Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC251999Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252000Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252001Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252002Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252003Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252004Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC252005Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D1998Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D1999Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2000Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2001Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2002Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2003Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2004Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC25D2005Shibura 25HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC2999-OnShibura 29HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC29D99-OnShibura 29HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC29DA03-OnShibura 29HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC3001-OnNew Holland 30HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC31DA06-OnNew Holland 31HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC3399-OnShibura 33HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC33D99-OnShibura 33HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC33DA03-OnShibura 33HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC34DA06-OnNew Holland 34HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC3500-OnNew Holland 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC35A03-OnNew Holland 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC35DA03-OnNew Holland 35HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC4000-OnNew Holland 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC40A03-OnNew Holland 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC40D00-OnNew Holland 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC40DA03-OnNew Holland 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC4500-OnNew Holland 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC45A03-OnNew Holland 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC45D00-OnNew Holland 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTC45DA03-OnNew Holland 45HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT45A20072.0L 4cyl 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT45A20082.0L 4cyl 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT45A20092.0L 4cyl 40HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT50A20072.2L 4cyl 48HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT50A20082.2L 4cyl 48HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTT50A20092.2L 4cyl 48HP Diesel

Replaces These Part Numbers

Arrowhead400-48205, A7T03877
Atlantic Quality Parts1700-0524
J&N Electrical Products400-48205
NEW HOLLAND81868977, SBA18504-6320
WILSON HD90-27-3199

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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