CDI Module Box Yamaha Grizzly Bruin Wolverine 350 YFM35
CDI Module Box Yamaha Grizzly Bruin Wolverine 350 YFM35
CDI Module Box Yamaha Grizzly Bruin Wolverine 350 YFM35
CDI Module Box Yamaha Grizzly Bruin Wolverine 350 YFM35

CDI Module Box Yamaha Grizzly Bruin Wolverine 350 YFM35

Item #: 160-02079

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Super-fast discharge of electrical energy for smooth and responsive performance
  • Holds energy reserves until it’s most needed
  • Instant discharge boosts spark plug response
  • Engineered to match OEM performance
  • Precise fitment makes installation easy
  • Designed to withstand vibration, heat and moisture
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DB Electrical offers precision engineered CDI Modules to power your electrical system. Also commonly referred to as the “Black Box’ or sometimes the “Igniter Box,” CDI Modules are more formally known as capacitor discharge ignition systems. Our CDI Modules store energy until it’s most needed for power and performance. When the system requires a boost in energy, the CDI Module precisely and quickly releases a charge to the spark plug. The end result is smooth and responsive performance of the vehicle you’re riding or driving.

Built to handle a rough ride
CDI Modules are commonly used in ATVs, motorcycles, scooters and watercraft, all of which are known for bumpy rides in which vibration is a factor. DB Electrical designs its CDI Modules to withstand rough terrain and vibration. Our CDI Modules are also designed to handle heat and ones made for marine applications have special protection to prevent moisture intrusion.

Exact fit and easy installation
Our CDI Modules match OEM specifications for listed applications. That means your new module will fit exactly as the old one that’s being replaced. Exact fit specifications make installation an easy process.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your CDI Module meets your expectations.

Item Number: 160-02079

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeCDI
FitsYamaha:YFM35 Bruin 348cc 2004-06
YFM35 Grizzly 2WD 348cc 2007-12
YFM35F Grizzly 4WD 348cc 2007-12
YFM35X Wolverine 348cc 2006-09

Applications List

Select Make & Type
YamahaATVBruin 350 2WD YFM350BA2004348cc
YamahaATVBruin 350 2WD YFM350BA2005348cc
YamahaATVBruin 350 2WD YFM350BA2006348cc
YamahaATVBruin 350 4WD YFM350FA2004348cc
YamahaATVBruin 350 4WD YFM350FA2005348cc
YamahaATVBruin 350 4WD YFM350FA2006348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM350TE2014348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2007348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2008348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2009348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2010348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2011348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2012348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 2WD YFM35G2013348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM350DHE2014348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2008348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2009348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2010348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2011348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2012348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGH2013348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM350DE2014348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2007348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2008348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2009348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2010348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2011348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2012348cc
YamahaATVGrizzly 350 4WD YFM35FG2013348cc
YamahaATVWolverine 350 2WD YFM35FX2006348cc
YamahaATVWolverine 350 2WD YFM35FX2007348cc
YamahaATVWolverine 350 2WD YFM35FX2008348cc
YamahaATVWolverine 350 2WD YFM35FX2009348cc

Replaces These Part Numbers

ARROWHEADIYA6033, 160-02079

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a CDI Module and what does it do?
A: CDI stands for Capacitor Discharge Ignition. They store energy like a battery and release energy almost instantaneously. That is what makes them perfect for an ignition system. It is the brain that controls the ignition combustion process.

Q: What causes a CDI module to go bad?
A: The CDI is packed full of sensitive electronics. Over time, moisture, heat and vibration will take a toll on the internals of the CDI.

Q: What are the signs of a failing CDI module?
A: The signs for a failing CDI box are similar to many other types of problems. If you experience any of these signs, you’ll want to investigate the condition of your CDI ignition system, but you won’t be able to immediately identify the CDI box as the problem. The CDI box could just be one of several suspects. A failing CDI box can cause difficult starts, rough operations, misfiring, engine stalls and other ignition problems. These common symptoms make CDI diagnosis very difficult. Every component in the system must be checked to be in spec and only the process of elimination will diagnose the specific issue.

Q: What are the other parts associated with the CDI system?
A: Other parts include the stator, hall sensor, flywheel, charging coil and timing mark.

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