Motobatt MB16A 17.5Ah Battery
Motobatt MB16A 17.5Ah Battery
Motobatt MB16A 17.5Ah Battery

Motobatt MB16A 17.5Ah Battery

Item #: MB16A
Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
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Benefits of Absorbed Glass Mat Technology
DB Electrical offers top-of-the-line Motobatt batteries featuring Absorbed Glass Mat Technology. Originally designed for the military, Absorbed Glass Mat Technology, also referred to as AGM, offers a long service life and high currents on demand to keep powersports vehicles working with precision and agility. AGM keeps batteries lighter weight than old-fashioned flooded style batteries, which means a lighter load for motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTVs), personal watercraft (PWC) and snowmobiles.

Advantages of the Quad Flex Terminal Design
Motobatt has patented an innovative terminal design called Quad Flex, which improves starting by providing for a stronger inrush of current thanks to a shorter current path to the battery.

Convenient and Maintenance-Free Batteries
Powersports enthusiasts are all about get-up-and-go action! Motobatt batteries exemplify the powersports lifestyle. Simply “install and go” Motobatt batteries without any initial cranking required. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about acid leaks or spills because Motobatt batteries come sealed from the factory. You never have to fill or top-off a Motobatt battery.

Batteries Built for Powersports
Motobatt batteries excel in ways important to powersports:

  • Withstand the high vibration that comes from a powersports environment
  • Handle high starting loads
  • Power all the accessories that are common to modern powersports vehicles
  • Work with frequent repeat starts that come from stop-and-go usage

Motobatt batteries deliver the high performance that powersports enthusiasts expect on the roads, trails and waterways.

Item Number: MB16A

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeMotobatt
Part TypeMotobatt
DimensionVoltage : 12;CCA 200;Capacity (10HR) 19;Weight 5.47kg / 12.1lbs;Dimensions (Inches / mm);L: 5.94 (151);W: 3.58 (91);H: 7.13 (181);
Fan Type
BriefTerminal Locations 2
,Terminal 2, M6x2.5 (Part # MPT2)
Screws 2, M6x7(Part # 2xMPS2)
Allen Wrench 1, 4x4 (Part # MPAK2)
Terminal Caps 2, 12x5.5 (Part # MPC2)
Spacer None
Case Color Yellow
Cap Style NA

Used on:
Honda M/C

Applications List

Select Make & Type
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19851099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19861099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19871099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19881099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19891099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19901099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19911099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19921099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19931099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19941099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19951099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19961099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19971099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow19981099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre19951099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre19961099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre19971099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre19981099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre19991099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C Shadow Sabre20001099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C2 Shadow19951099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C2 Shadow19961099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C2 Shadow19971099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C2 Shadow19981099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C2 Shadow19991099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C3 Shadow Aero19981099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C3 Shadow Aero19991099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100C3 Shadow Aero20001099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100D Shadow Ace19991099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100T Shadow19981099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100T Shadow19991099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100T Shadow20001099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT1100T Shadow20011099cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1984694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT700C Shadow1985694cc
HONDAMotorcyclesVT750C Shadow1983749cc

Replaces These Part Numbers

HI LEVEL813169
HONDA31500-ME9-611, 31500-ME9-612, 31500-ME9-676, 31500-ME9-677

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
Truck Driving in Mud

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