Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031
Alternator For Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031

Alternator for Acgo Allis 6690 Tractor 1991-1997, Acgo White 6065; 400-29031

Item #: 400-29031

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DB Electrical alternators are highly engineered for excellence in performance.
  • Built to Beat the Heat: High temperature epoxy and high temperature grease withstand extreme heat
  • Heavy-duty rectifiers and high-quality regulators enhance superior charging performance
  • Most alternators are supplied with final test results and performance curve
  • Direct-fit replacement and easy installation made possible with OEM fitment specifications
  • Factory direct, money-saving alternator typically priced substantially less than OEM counterparts
Check if this fits your vehicle
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DB Electrical Alternators
DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.

With DB Electrical alternators, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket alternators deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket alternators are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our alternators go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance. Most alternators are supplied with their final test results and performance curve.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next alternator:

  • Built to Take the Heat – Most DB Electrical alternators offer high-temperature epoxy, heavy-duty rectifiers, high-quality regulators, top-quality bearings and high-temperature grease for better charging and longer life under high-heat environments.
  • Depth of Inventory – Find both common and hard-to-find alternators for virtually any type of vehicle to travel over road, trail or water.
  • Brand New Alternator – Never settle for a secondhand refurbished one. Many places will try to sell you a used alternator for about the price we’ll sell you a new one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your alternator meets your expectations.

Item Number: 400-29031

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeAlternator
Pulley ClassV1
Fan TypeEF

Applications List

Select Make & Type
AGCO WHITETractor604519963-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor604519973-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor604519983-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor604519993-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor604520003-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor604520013-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD19963-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD19973-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD19983-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD19993-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD20003-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6045 4WD20013-183 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519934-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519944-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519954-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519964-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519974-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519984-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606519994-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606520004-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor606520014-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19934-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19944-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19954-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19964-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19974-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19984-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD19994-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD20004-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6065 4WD20014-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519934-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519944-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519954-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519964-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519974-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519984-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor608519994-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19934-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19944-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19954-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19964-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19974-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19984-244 Same Diesel
AGCO WHITETractor6085 4WD19994-244 Same Diesel
AIFOEngine814119782.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine814119792.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine814119802.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine814119812.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine814119822.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine814119832.4L - 2445cc Dsl
AIFOEngine - Marine814119722.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119732.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119742.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119752.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119762.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119772.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119782.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119792.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119802.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119812.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119822.4L - 2445cc Diesel
AIFOEngine - Marine814119832.4L - 2445cc Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198025000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198125000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198225000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198325000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198425000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198525000 Diesel
ALLIS CHALMERSLoader945198625000 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX100UAllIveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX70UAllAll
Case IHTractorJX80UAllIveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX90U2002Iveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX90U2003Iveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX90U2004Iveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX90U2005Iveco 4-239 Diesel
Case IHTractorJX90U2006Iveco 4-239 Diesel
FORDTractor40301992179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor40301993179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor40301994179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor40301995179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor40301996179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor42301992220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor42301993220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor42301994220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor42301995220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor42301996220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor46351996179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor46351997179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor46351998179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor46351999179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor48351995220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor48351996220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor48351997220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
FORDTractor48351998220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
IVECOMedium-Duty Trucks30.8AllAll
IVECOMedium-Duty Trucks35.8AllAll
IVECOMedium-Duty Trucks40.8AllAll
IVECOMedium-Duty TrucksAifo Series1983All Engines
IVECOMedium-Duty TrucksAifo Series1984All Engines
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7619993.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7620003.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7620013.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7620023.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7620033.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK7620043.6L 71HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8519993.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8520003.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8520013.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8520023.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8520033.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK8520043.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M19993.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M20003.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M20013.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M20023.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M20033.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDCrawler TractorsTK85M20043.9L 80HP NH Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019923-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019933-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019943-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019953-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019963-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019973-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019983-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor383019993-165 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor40301992179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor40301993179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor40301994179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor40301995179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor40301996179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor42301992220ci -4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor42301993220ci -4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor42301994220ci -4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor42301995220ci -4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor42301996220ci -4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor4330V19966-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4330V19976-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4330V19986-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4330V19996-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4330V20006-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19924-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19934-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19944-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19954-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19964-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19974-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430N19984-238 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430V19974-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor4430V19984-220 Ford Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractor46351996179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor46351997179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor46351998179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor46351999179ci - 3cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor48351995220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor48351996220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor48351997220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractor48351998220ci - 4cyl Fiat Dsl
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10019993.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10020003.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10020013.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10020023.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10020033.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL10020043.9L 4cyl 100HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL7019993.6L 4cyl 70HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL7020003.6L 4cyl 70HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL7020013.6L 4cyl 70HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL8019993.9L 4cyl 80HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL8020003.9L 4cyl 80HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL8020013.9L 4cyl 80HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL8020023.9L 4cyl 80HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL8020033.9L 4cyl 80HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9019993.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9020003.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9020013.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9020023.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9020033.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
NEW HOLLANDTractorTL9020043.9L 4cyl 90HP Diesel
SAMECrawlersExplorer 65C1984916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 65C1985916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 65C1986916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 65C1987916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 70CAll1000-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 75C1984916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 75C1985916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 75C1986916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 75C1987916-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 80CAll1000-4A Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 90 SpecialAll1000-4AT Engine
SAMECrawlersExplorer 90CAll1000-4AT Engine
SAMEEngines1000-3A / ATAllAll
SAMEEngines1000-4A / AT / ATIAllAll
SAMEEngines1000-6A / AT / ATIAllAll
SAMEEngines1056P / PS / PTAllAll
SAMETractorExplorer 551983916-3A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 551984916-3A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 551985916-3A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 551986916-3A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 60All1000-3A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 651983916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 651984916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 651985916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 651986916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 70All1000-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 751985916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 751986916-4A Engine
SAMETractorExplorer 80All1000-4A Engine
SAMETractorLaser 1001984105-5P Engine
SAMETractorLaser 1001985105-5P Engine
SAMETractorLaser 901984105-4P Engine
SAMETractorLaser 901985105-4P Engine

Replaces These Part Numbers

ALFA ROMEO116760506100, AT050600108
ARROWHEADAIA0008, 400-29031
ARROWHEAD (OEM)IA0071, IA0327, IA0329, IA0336, MG156, MG191, MG43, MG521, MG524
BOSCH0-120-488-225, 0-120-488-251, 0-120-489-018, 0-120-489-106, 0-120-489-107, 0-120-489-144, 0-120-489-145, 0-120-489-146, 0-120-489-147, 0-120-489-152, 0-120-489-153, 0-120-489-212, 0-120-489-219, 0-120-489-338, 0-120-489-761, 0-120-489-762, 0-120-489-763, 0-120-489-765, 0-120-489-770, 9-120-144-215
CARGO110882, 110890, 111686
CASE4242730, 4772683, 4787598, 4808498, 4808498R
FIAT4711700, 4720501, 4720502, 4721587, 4721588, 4721589, 4721591, 4721592, 4731648, 4731649, 4731652, 4731839, 4731841, 4746400, 4746401, 4750583, 4769910, 4769911, 4772668, 4787596, 4787597, 4787598, 4787663, 4787665, 4787668, 4808497, 4808498, 4808499, 4808510, 4808517, 4808518, 4818513, 4849157, 77028550
IVECO4242730, 4772683, 4798447
J & N400-29018
LESTER12048, 12580, 12583, 12584, 13204, 13205, 13206
LETRIKA (ISKRA) AFTERMARKETIA 0071, IA 0327, IA 0329, IA 0330, IA 0336
LETRIKA (ISKRA) OEM11.201.327, 11.201.329, 11.201.336
MAGIRUS-DEUTZ473-1651, 4763249
MAHLEMG156, MG191, MG43, MG521, MG524
MARELLI63305206, 63305226, 63305236, 63305246, 63305256, 63305506, 63305526, 63305536, 63305556, 63305566, 63305802, 63305832, 63305842, 63307206, 63307236, 63307246, 63307256, 63307506, 63307526, 63307536, 63307556, 63307566, 63307802, 63307832, 63320015, 63320021, 63320049, 63321019, 63321020, 63321035, 63321036, 63321037, 63321078, 63321099, MAN260, MAN274, MAN771
NEW HOLLAND4242730, 4711700, 4762563, 4772683, 4787594, 4787598, 4808498, 4808498R, 4808511, 4808516
SAME294391300, 29439150, 294392000, 294392400
SPAREXS-35958, S-35962, S-35963, S-62412

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U.S. Domestic (48 Contiguous States)
UPS SurePost - Delivery in 3 to 6 business days FREE
UPS GROUND - 1-2 days faster $8.00
UPS 2ND DAY AIR - Delivery in 2 business days (Excludes Saturday and Sunday) $26.00
UPS NEXT DAY AIR - Delivery in 1 business day (Excludes Saturday and Sunday) $33.00
*See shipping rates for U.S. Non-48 and International at checkout or call 800.753.2242 for details.

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