Ignition Switch for Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW 93-99, Moto-4 YFM350ER 95
Ignition Switch for Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW 93-99, Moto-4 YFM350ER 95

Ignition Switch for Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW 93-99, Moto-4 YFM350ER 95

Item #: 240-58038

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Item Number: 240-58038

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Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeIgnition Switch

Applications List

Select Make & Type
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Genesis19991165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Genesis20001165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Genesis20011165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Genesis20021165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Pro 120020001165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Pro 120020011165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SLTX19991051cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SLX20001165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SLX20011165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Virage TX20001165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Virage TX20011165cc
POLARISPersonal Watercraft (PWC)Virage TX20021165cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80199579cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80199679cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80199779cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80199879cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80199979cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80200079cc
YAMAHAATVBadger YFM80200179cc
YAMAHAATVBeartracker YFM2501999230cc
YAMAHAATVBeartracker YFM2502000230cc
YAMAHAATVBeartracker YFM2502001230cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 2WD YFM350U1996348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 2WD YFM350U1997348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 2WD YFM350U1998348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 2WD YFM350U1999348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 4WD YFM350FW1995348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 4WD YFM350FW1996348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 4WD YFM350FW1997348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 4WD YFM350FW1998348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 350 4WD YFM350FW1999348cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 400 2WD YFM4002000386cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 400 2WD YFM4002001386cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 400 4WD YFM4002000386cc
YAMAHAATVBig Bear 400 4WD YFM4002001386cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA11995124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA11996124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA11997124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA11998124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA11999124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA12000124cc
YAMAHAATVBreeze YFA12001124cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 600 YFM600FWA1998595cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 600 YFM600FWA1999595cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 80 YFM80200579cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 80 YFM80200679cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 80 YFM80200779cc
YAMAHAATVGrizzly 80 YFM80200879cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 2WD YFM400A2000401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 2WD YFM400A2001401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD Hunter YFM400FAH2001401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD Real Tree X-TRA YFM400FAH2000401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FA2000401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FA2001401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1993401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1994401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1995401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1996401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1997401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1998401cc
YAMAHAATVKodiak 400 4WD YFM400FW1999401cc
YAMAHAATVMoto-4 YFM350ER1995348cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 50 YFM50200449cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 50 YFM50200549cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 50 YFM50200649cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 50 YFM50200749cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 50 YFM50200849cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200279cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200379cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200479cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200579cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200679cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200779cc
YAMAHAATVRaptor 80 YFM80200879cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 2WD YFB2501994250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 2WD YFB2501995250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 2WD YFB2501996250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 2WD YFB2501997250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 2WD YFB2501999250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 4WD YFB250F1994250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 4WD YFB250F1995250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 4WD YFB250F1998250cc
YAMAHAATVTimberwolf 4WD YFB250F2000250cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X1996348cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X1997348cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X1998348cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X1999348cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X2000348cc
YAMAHAATVWarrior 350 YFM350X2001348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM350FX1999348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM350FX2000348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM350FX2001348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM35FX1995348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM35FX1996348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM35FX1997348cc
YAMAHAATVWolverine 350 YFM35FX1998348cc

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