Regulator Rectifier for Yamaha Minarelli 4VV-H1960-01-00, 21066-1086
Regulator Rectifier for Yamaha Minarelli 4VV-H1960-01-00, 21066-1086
New Regulator Rectifier for Yamaha Minarelli 4VV-H1960-01-00, 21066-1086
Regulator Rectifier for Yamaha Minarelli 4VV-H1960-01-00, 21066-1086

Regulator Rectifier for Yamaha Minarelli 4VV-H1960-01-00, 21066-1086

Item #: 230-42022

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Item Number: 230-42022

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypePart
Dimension12-Volt; 8 Amp; Input Type MONOFASICO; SCR; Output Type CA+CC; 20mm H x 42mm W x 45mmL Without Sensor;
FitsAprilia 50
,Benelli 50
,Benelli 100
,Beta Ark 80
,Beta Scooter 50
,Beta Tempo 80
,Ducati Models
,,Gilera 100
,Gilera JL 100
,,Italjet 50
,Malaguti 50
,Malaguti 100
,MBK 50
,MBK 100
,Yamaha Scooter 50
Yamaha Scooter 100

Applications List

Select Make & Type
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102002111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102003111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102004111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102005111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102006111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102007111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102008111cc
KAWASAKIDirt BikeKLX1102009111cc
KTMMotorcycle125 Supermoto2000125cc
KTMMotorcycle125 Supermoto2001125cc
KTMMotorcycle620 SC Supermoto2000625cc
KTMMotorcycle620 SC Supermoto2001625cc
KTMMotorcycle625 SC2002625cc
KTMMotorcycle625 SC Supermoto2002625cc
KTMMotorcycle660 SMC2003654cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXC1998125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXC1999125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXC2000125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXC2001125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXC2002125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXE2000125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 EXE2001125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX1998125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX1999125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX2000125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX2001125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX2002125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX2003125cc
KTMDirt Bike125 SX2004125cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EGS1998193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EGS1999193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC1999193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC2000193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC2001193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC2002193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC2003193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 EXC2004193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC1998193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC1999193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC2000193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC2001193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC2002193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 MXC2003193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 SX2003193cc
KTMDirt Bike200 SX2004193cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC2000249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC2001249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC2002249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC2003249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC2004249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2001249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2002249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2003249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2004249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2005249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing2006249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing Six Days2002249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Racing Six Days2003249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Six Days2002249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Six Days2003249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 EXC Six Days2004249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 MXC1998249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 MXC1999249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 MXC2000249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 MXC2001249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 SX2000249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 SX2001249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 SX2002249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 SX2003249cc
KTMDirt Bike250 SX2004249cc
KTMDirt Bike300 EXC2000297cc
KTMDirt Bike300 EXC2001293cc
KTMDirt Bike300 EXC2002293cc
KTMDirt Bike300 EXC2003293cc
KTMDirt Bike300 EXC2004293cc
KTMDirt Bike380 EXC2000368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 EXC2001368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 EXC2002368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 MXC2000368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 MXC2001368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 SX2000368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 SX2001368cc
KTMDirt Bike380 SX2002368cc
KTMDirt Bike400 EXC Racing2000398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 EXC Racing2001398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 EXC Racing2002398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 EXC Racing2003398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 EXC Racing2004398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 MXC2001398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 MXC2002398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 SC1999398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 SC2000398cc
KTMDirt Bike400 SX2000398cc
KTMDirt Bike450 EXC Racing2003448cc
KTMDirt Bike450 EXC Racing2004448cc
KTMDirt Bike450 MXC2003448cc
KTMDirt Bike450 MXC2004448cc
KTMDirt Bike520 EXC Racing2000510cc
KTMDirt Bike520 EXC Racing2001510cc
KTMDirt Bike520 EXC Racing2002510cc
KTMDirt Bike520 MXC2001510cc
KTMDirt Bike520 MXC2002510cc
KTMDirt Bike520 SX Racing2000510cc
KTMDirt Bike525 EXC Racing2003510cc
KTMDirt Bike525 EXC Racing2004510cc
KTMDirt Bike525 MXC Desert Racing2003510cc
KTMDirt Bike525 MXC Desert Racing2004510cc
KTMDirt Bike620 SC Supercompetition1999609cc
KTMDirt Bike625 SC Supercompetition2002625cc
SUZUKIDirt BikeDR-Z1102003111cc
SUZUKIDirt BikeDR-Z1102004111cc
SUZUKIDirt BikeDR-Z1102005111cc
YAMAHAScootersZuma II CW50199749cc
YAMAHAScootersZuma II CW50199849cc
YAMAHAScootersZuma II CW50199949cc
YAMAHAScootersZuma II CW50200049cc
YAMAHAScootersZuma II CW50200149cc

Replaces These Part Numbers

ARROWHEADADC6002, 230-42022
DUCATI343480, 34348100, 34348101
SUZUKI32800-36C20, 32800-36C30, 32800-40D00, 32800-40D10, K2106-61086
YAMAHA4VV-H1960-00-00, 4VV-H1960-01-00

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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