Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976
Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976

Starter 232 258 304 AMC Jeep CJ Cherokee Wagoneer J 1971-1976

Item #: 410-14103

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DB Electrical starters deliver exceptionally fast and efficient starts.
  • Fast engine starts thanks to more torque from high quality magnets or field coils
  • Cleaner and drier inner workings with sealed housings that block performance-robbing residue
  • Upgraded copper and silver contacts enhance performance over aluminum or steel ones
  • A long service life and improved efficiency result from premium brushes and bushings
  • Factory direct, money saving starters typically priced significantly less than OEM counterparts
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DB Electrical Starters
DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.

With DB Electrical starters, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket starters deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket starters are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our starters go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next starter:

  • Fast engine starts – High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
  • Seals out residue – Sealed housings and bearings keep the internal workings cleaner and drier.
  • Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  • Long-term reliability – Quality brushes and bushings for a long service life and better efficiency.
  • Brand new starter – Never settle for a secondhand one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your starter meets your expectations.

Item Number: 410-14103

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeStarter
Starter TypeDD
FitsAMC 1967-77

Applications List

Select Make & Type
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19674.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19675.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19684.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19685.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19686.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19695.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19696.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19705.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19705.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19706.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19715.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19715.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19716.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19725.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19726.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19735.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19736.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19745.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMBASSADOR19746.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMERICAN19664.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMERICAN19674.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMERICAN19684.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMERICAN19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19684.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19685.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19686.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19695.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19696.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19705.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19706.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19715.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19716.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19725.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19726.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19735.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19736.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19745.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckAMX19746.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19733.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19734.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19743.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19744.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19753.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19754.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19755.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19763.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19764.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckGREMLIN19765.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19705.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19715.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19715.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19725.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19733.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19734.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19735.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19743.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19744.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19745.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19753.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19754.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19755.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19763.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19764.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckHORNET19765.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19684.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19685.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19686.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19695.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19696.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19705.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19705.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19706.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19715.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19715.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19716.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19725.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19726.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19733.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19734.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19735.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19736.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19743.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19744.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19745.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckJAVELIN19746.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMARLIN19665.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMARLIN19674.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMARLIN19675.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19715.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19715.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19716.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19725.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19725.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19726.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19733.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19734.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19735.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19735.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19736.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19743.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19744.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19745.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19745.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19746.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19754.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19755.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19755.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19756.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19764.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19765.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19765.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckMATADOR19766.6L(401) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckPACER19753.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckPACER19754.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckPACER19763.8L(232) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckPACER19764.2L(258) L6
AMCAuto and Light TruckRAMBLER19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckRAMBLER19695.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19674.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19675.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19684.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19685.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19694.8L(290) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19695.6L(343) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19696.4L(390) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19705.0L(304) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19705.9L(360) V8
AMCAuto and Light TruckREBEL19706.4L(390) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19744.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19745.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19746.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19754.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19755.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19756.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19764.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19765.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCHEROKEE19766.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19723.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19724.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19725.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19733.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19735.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19743.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19744.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19745.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19753.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19754.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19755.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19763.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19764.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCJ SERIES19765.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCOMMANDO19733.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCOMMANDO19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckCOMMANDO19735.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckDJ SERIES19723.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckDJ SERIES19733.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckDJ SERIES19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckDJ SERIES19743.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckDJ SERIES19744.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19713.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19724.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19725.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19725.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19735.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19735.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19744.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19745.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19746.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19754.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19755.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19756.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19764.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19765.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJ SERIES PICKUPS19766.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19723.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19724.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19725.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19733.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckJEEPSTER19735.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19713.8L(232) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19724.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19725.0L(304) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19725.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19734.2L(258) L6
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19735.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19745.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19746.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19755.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19756.6L(401) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19765.9L(360) V8
JEEPAuto and Light TruckWAGONEER19766.6L(401) V8

Replaces These Part Numbers

ARROWHEADSFD0101, 410-14103
DELCO REMAN10465081, 10465082
FORDC6FF-11001-B, C6FF-11001-D, C7FF-11001-B, D0FF-11001-B
JEEP3182772, 3182972, 3212235

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