Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T
Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T

Starter for Chevy Geo Tracker Sunrunner Suzuki Sidekick Vitara M/T

Item #: 410-48209

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DB Electrical starters deliver exceptionally fast and efficient starts.
  • Fast engine starts thanks to more torque from high quality magnets or field coils
  • Cleaner and drier inner workings with sealed housings that block performance-robbing residue
  • Upgraded copper and silver contacts enhance performance over aluminum or steel ones
  • A long service life and improved efficiency result from premium brushes and bushings
  • Satisifed customers recently purchased: 1998 Suzuki Sidekick; 1997 Geo Tracker; 1996 Geo Tracker; 1995 Geo Tracker
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DB Electrical Starters
DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.

With DB Electrical starters, you’ll get …

  • Superior Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket starters deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – DB Electrical aftermarket starters are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our starters go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next starter:

  • Fast engine starts – High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
  • Seals out residue – Sealed housings and bearings keep the internal workings cleaner and drier.
  • Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  • Long-term reliability – Quality brushes and bushings for a long service life and better efficiency.
  • Brand new starter – Never settle for a secondhand one.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your starter meets your expectations.

Item Number: 410-48209

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeStarter
Starter TypePMGR

Applications List

Select Make & Type
ASUNAAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19921.6L
ASUNAAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19931.6L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19901.6L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19911.6L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19981.6L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19992.0L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER20011.6L
CHEVROLETAuto and Light TruckTRACKER20021.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19891.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19901.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19911.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19921.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19931.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19941.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19951.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19961.6L
GEOAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19971.6L
GMCAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19901.6L
GMCAuto and Light TruckTRACKER19911.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19921.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19931.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19941.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19951.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19961.6L
PONTIACAuto and Light TruckSUNRUNNER19971.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19891.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19901.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19911.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19921.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19931.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19941.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19951.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19961.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19961.8L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19971.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19971.8L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19981.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckSIDEKICK19981.8L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckVITARA19991.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckVITARA19992.0L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckVITARA20001.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckVITARA20011.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckVITARA20021.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckX-9019961.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckX-9019971.6L
SUZUKIAuto and Light TruckX-9019981.6L

Replaces These Part Numbers

AC DELCO323-540
ARROWHEADSMT0080, 410-48209
DENSO FIRST TIME FIT280-4144, 280-4145
DIXIES-8347, S-8744
DUBOISM900336, M900346
General Motors91174247, 96058457, 96064783, 96065247, 96065611
J&N Electrical Products410-48064, 410-48209
LESTER17166, 17194, 17266
MINNPAR57-2526, 57-2547
MITSUBISHIM1T72481, M1T72483, M1T72483ZC, M1T74583
NAPA POWER PREMIUM PLUS244-6185, 244-6186, 244-6803
NAPA POWER SUPREME44-6185, 44-6186, 44-6803
NSASTR-3030, STR-3048
PIC103-162, 103-195, 103-196
REMY LIGHT DUTY17070, 17196
SUZUKI31100-60A12, 31100-60A13, 31100-60A20, 31100-60A21, 31100-60A22, 31100-60AC4
WAI (OLD)2-1239-MI
WAI2-1244-MI, 2-1244-MI-2
WILSON NEW91-27-3102, 91-27-3102N, 91-27-3103N, 91-27-3432, 91-27-3434
WILSON91-27-3102, 91-27-3103, 91-27-3256, 91-27-3432, 91-27-3434

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my starter suddenly making a grinding noise?
A: Several things could produce grinding noises. First check to see if it has come loose. If so, install and replace any shims for proper drive gear to flywheel alignment and re-torque to OE specs. If it is still grinding, remove it for closer inspection, making sure to give the flywheel a detailed look. Replace components as needed.

Q: What is a gear reduction starter?
A: In short, it’s a super torque starter. It has a set of planetart gears that give it a lot of speed and the reduction of those gears gives it a lot of torque, providing the best of both worlds. These starters were previously known as Super Torque for racing applications for use on high compression engines. Today, however, nearly everything has a gear reduction starter on it. These starters are lighter, faster, smaller and use less CCA (cold cranking amps) to get going.

Q: How many amps does it take to start an engine?
A: It takes 500-800 CCA (cold cranking amps) on average. High compression engines will pull even more depending on compression ratios.

Q: Why am I hearing a whine or whizzing sound without the engine cracking?
A: The drive gear is slipping and not engaging the flywheel. Replacement is needed.

Q: Why does my starter keep running after the car starts?
A: It is either the solenoid or the ignition switch. You should consult a mechanic immediately.

Q: My car leaks oil on the starter, will that affect it?
A: Yes. An oil-soaked armature commutator and brushes will wear out much faster and you run the risk of a dead start burning up the field coils.

Q: Why does the battery cable on my starter smoke?
A: Resistance. Either from a weak, loose or corroded cable or a failing worn starter. Replace components as needed.

Q: Why does the starter quit working and turning over on my car when it’s hot?
A: It’s most likely a heat-soaked solenoid. Heat-soaked solenoids have much more internal resistance when hot. Replace if needed and add a heat shield and/or wrap the headers with heat barrier wrap.

Q: When do I need to replace my starter?
A: Replace your starter under any of these conditions. 1)If your engine doesn't crank constantly every time the key is turned. 2) If the engine will not turn over and you hear a loud click. 3) If the starter fails to turn off or grinds the entire drive. In summary, if you have a strong battery and any one of these conditions exist, you should replace your starter.

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