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STARTER REPAIR KIT for SKIDOO SNOWMOBILE 500 600 700 800 / 515-176-003
STARTER REPAIR KIT for SKIDOO SNOWMOBILE 500 600 700 800 / 515-176-003

STARTER REPAIR KIT for SKIDOO SNOWMOBILE 500 600 700 800 / 515-176-003

Item #: SND9133
Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
  • 100% New aftermarket unit built to meet OEM specifications
  • 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase
  • Factory direct pricing with no middleman markup delivers exceptional value
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Restore Starter Performance
DB Electrical Starter Repair Kits, sometimes referred to as starter rebuild kits, offer an economical way to refurbish a starter so that it works like new again. It’s often possible to replace the wear parts and save money as opposed to replacing the entire starter. Our kits contain all the necessary parts such as bushings, bearings, seals, gaskets and brushes needed to rebuild the starter. A brush holder will also be included in the kit if that is necessary for your particular starter.

OEM Quality Components
The kit provides OEM quality components that match the original for both fit and function. Doing a starter rebuild also provides an opportunity to clean the starter. The combination of cleaning the starter and replacing the wear parts often restores the starter to its original performance.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your starter repair kit meets your expectations.

Item Number: SND9133

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Product Specs

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypePart
BriefUsed on SND0520

Applications List

Select Make & Type
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure GT 600 HO SDI2006594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure GT 600 HO SDI2007594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure GT 600 HO SDI2008594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure GT 600 SDI2009594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure GT 600 SDI2010594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesAdventure LX 6002006594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger 6002003597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger 6002004597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger 6002005597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger 6002006597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger LCE2002All
LYNXSnowmobilesRanger LCE2003All
LYNXSnowmobilesRave XT N-Duro 5502006553cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRave XT N-Duro 6002006597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRave XT N-Duro 6002007597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRave XT N-Duro 8002006799cc
LYNXSnowmobilesRave XT N-Duro 8002007799cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSport Touring 6002003593cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSport Touring 6002004593cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSport Touring 6002005593cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSport Touring 8002003793cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSport Touring 8002004793cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSuper Touring 5002002500cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSuper Touring 6002002597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSuper Touring 6002003597cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSuper Touring 7002002700cc
LYNXSnowmobilesSuper Touring 8002002800cc
LYNXSnowmobilesXtrim 6002008594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesXtrim Commander 6002009594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesYETI 6002008594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesYETI 600 HO TUV SDI2006594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesYETI 600 HO TUV SDI2007594cc
LYNXSnowmobilesYETI 600 HO TUV SDI2008594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesExpedition 600 HO SDI2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesExpedition 600 HO SDI2006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesExpedition TUV-600 HO SDI2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesExpedition TUV-600 HO SDI2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesExpedition TUV-600 HO SDI2009597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 5002002503cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 5002003503cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 6002002597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 6002003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 600 SE2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 600 Sport2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 7002002698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 7002003698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 8002002796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGrand Touring 800 SE SDI2003796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500F2005494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500F2006494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500SS2004593cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500SS2005593cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500SS2006593cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 500SS Sport2007553cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO2004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO SDI2004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO SDI2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO SDI2006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 HO SDI LTD2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 600 Sport HO SDI2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 800 HO2004796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 800 HO2005796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 800 HO2006796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGSX 800 HO LTD2007796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 500SS2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 500SS2006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 500SS Sport2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 500SS Sport2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 HO2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 HO SDI2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 HO SDI2006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 HO SDI LTD2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 HO SDI LTD2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 Sport HO SDI2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 600 Sport HO SDI2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 800 HO2005796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 800 HO2006796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesGTX 800 HO LTD2007796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 500 Sport2002494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 500 Sport2003494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 500 SS2004494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 6002002597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 600 HO SDI2004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 600 SE2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 600 Sport2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 GS2002698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 SE2003698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 SE2004698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 Sport2002698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 Sport2003698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 700 Sport2004698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 800 SDI2004796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 800 SE2002796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesLegend 800 SE SDI2003796cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMach Z 1000 Adrenaline20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMach Z 1000 SDI20051004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMach Z 1000 SDI20061004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMach Z 1000 X20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMach Z X20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 1000 SDI Renegade20061004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 1000 SDI Renegade20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 5002003494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Adrenaline2004494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Adrenaline2005494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Adrenaline2006494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Adrenaline2007494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Trail2004494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Trail2005494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Trail2006494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 500SS Trail2007494cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 550 F2004553cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 550 F2005553cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 550 F2006553cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO2003594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO2005594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO2006594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO SDI2005594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO SDI2006594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Adrenaline HO SDI2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Blizzard HO SDI2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 HO ZX2003594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 HO ZX2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 HO ZX2005594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 HO ZX SDI2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade HO2003594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade HO2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade SDI2005594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade SDI2006594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade SDI2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade X2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade X SDI2004594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade X SDI2005594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade X SDI2006594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Renegade X SDI2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Sport HO2003594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Trail2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Trail HO2004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 600 Trail HO2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 7002003698cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Adrenaline2003799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Adrenaline2004799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Adrenaline2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Adrenaline2006799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Adrenaline2007799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Blizzard2007799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 HO ZX2004799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 HO ZX2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 HO ZX2006799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade2003799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade2004799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade2006799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade2007799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade X2004799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade X2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade X2006799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Renegade X2007799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 Sport2003799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z 800 ZX2003799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z REV 007 Bond Special ED2003594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z X 600 HO SDI2006594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z X 600 HO SDI2007594cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesMX Z X 8002007799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic 600 SUV2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002003597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002004597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002005597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002006597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002009597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSkandic Wide Track 6002010597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 1000 Highmark20051004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 1000 Highmark20061004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 1000 Highmark20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 1000 Highmark SDI20071004cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 600 HO Adrenaline2007597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 600 HO Adrenaline2008597cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 800 HO2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 800 HO2006799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 800 HO Adrenaline2005799cc
SKI-DOOSnowmobilesSummit 800 HO Adrenaline2006799cc

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