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The good news is that we’re operating at nearly 100% capacity in shipping orders. We are aware that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted some of the delivery services we use, so there are occasional delays for that reason. At this time, the impact of these delays appears minimal.

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Tilt Trim Motor Chrysler/Force/Evinrude/Johnson Omc

Tilt Trim Motor Chrysler/Force/Evinrude/Johnson Omc

  • Item Number:
  • Mechanics Choice: OEM performance at a money-saving price.
$273.38 $148.45 (US 48 States Only)
(You save $124.93)

This product is currently unavailable.

Part Type:
Trim Motor
Over 35 Years of Satisfied Customers

You only stay in business this long by delivering on your promises. Our key to success is selling parts that fit and perform just like the originals. It's why so many mechanics make us their top choice for aftermarket parts.

Save Money with Factory-Direct Pricing

We cut out the middleman to save you money on products that match OEM standards for fit and performance.

Product Description

Tilt Trim Motors
Owners of Chrysler, Force, Evinrude, Johnson or OMC motors appreciate the flawless and precise operation of DB Electrical tilt trim motors that match OEM performance. DB Electrical tilt trim motors smoothly raise and lower boat engines to the perfect angle for better on-the-water performance and fuel economy. They can also lift your engine upward to avoid damage when loading your boat on a trailer. Tilt trim motors make your days out on the water more enjoyable by giving you more control over how your boat performs. Our tilt trim motors are 12-volt direct current, reversing-style motors. We test our tilt trim motors on a professional test bench to ensure dependable performance.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose DB Electrical Tilt Trim Motors

  • Marine grade that meets SAE J1171 and ISO8847
  • Designed to meet or exceed original (OEM) equipment specifications
  • High quality brushes, bushings and armatures for longer service life
  • Includes harness, relays and heavy-duty valves where applicable

How Tilt Trim Motors Work
When it’s time to install a tilt trim motor, you’ll notice one green and one blue wire on most models. The blue wire carries power to raise the engine, and the green wire carries power to lower the engine. Motors built for older-style systems may also have a black wire that serves as a ground. Newer style systems do not have this third wire.

Money-Saving Bottom Line Difference
Our tilt trim motors are typically priced lower than OEM counterparts. Because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality tilt trim motors at low factory direct prices.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your motor meets your expectations.

Item Number: TRM0012

100% Brand New Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001979100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001980100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001981100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001982100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001983100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1001984100HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1051982105HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1051983105HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1051984105HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151977115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151978115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151979115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151980115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151981115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151982115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151983115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1151984115HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1251981125HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1251982125HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1251983125HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1251984125HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401979140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401980140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401981140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401982140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401983140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard1401984140HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75197975HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75198075HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75198175HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75198275HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75198375HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard75198475HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85197785HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85197885HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85197985HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85198085HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85198185HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85198285HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85198385HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard85198485HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard90198390HP
CHRYSLER MARINEEngines - Marine Outboard90198490HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1001972100HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1151973115HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1151974115HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1151975115HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1151976115HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1151977115HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1251972125HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1351973135HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1351974135HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1351975135HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE1351976135HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE65197365HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE70197470HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE70197570HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE70197670HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE70197770HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE75197575HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE75197675HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE75197775HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197285HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197385HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197485HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197585HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197685HP
EVINRUDEEngines - Marine OutboardE85197785HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard10081984100HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard11581984115HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12511983125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12511984125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12511985125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12511986125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12511987125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12531986125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12531987125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12541986125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12541987125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12581983125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12581984125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12581985125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12581986125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard12581987125HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard14011984140HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard601198560HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard601198960HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard606198460HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard608198460HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard608198560HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard758198475HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard856198385HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard856198485HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard856198585HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard856198685HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard856198785HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard857198685HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard858198385HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard858198485HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard858198585HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard858198685HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard858198785HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard906198490HP
FORCEEngines - Marine Outboard908198490HP
U.S.Tilt & TrimAll ModelsAll75-135 H.P.

Item ConditionAftermarket Part
Unit TypeTilt & Trim Motor

Replaces these part numbers:
CHRYSLER MARINE44-9541-1, 45-5541, F17563
FORCEF17556, F17563, F17564, F17568, F654541, FK654541
J & N430-20024
MP PARTS4-1256
OMC0172543, 0382715, 172543, 382715
PRESTOLITEESZ4009, ESZ4012, ESZ4014, ETX4001
WAI10806N, 82-6899-1

Covered By Our One Year Warranty!

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U.S. Domestic (48 Contiguous States)
UPS SurePost - Delivery in 3 to 6 business days FREE
UPS GROUND - 1-2 days faster $8.00
UPS 2ND DAY AIR - Delivery in 2 business days (Excludes Saturday and Sunday) $26.00
UPS NEXT DAY AIR - Delivery in 1 business day (Excludes Saturday and Sunday) $28.00
*See shipping rates for U.S. Non-48 and International at checkout or call 800.753.2242 for details.

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